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Navigating the Basics: Understanding the Residential Aged Care Daily Fee

Discover the importance and calculation of the Basic Daily Fee in residential aged care with our latest article. Learn why this fee is essential for providing quality daily care and how it affects you or your loved ones.

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Brightwater residents embark on a journey to Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe

In a delightful fusion of art, community, and care, Brightwater residents have recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of Western Australia's most iconic cultural events, Sculpture by the Sea, held at the picturesque Cottesloe Beach.

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4 reasons to get your daily dose of sunshine

A little bit of sunshine each day might be just what you need to feel happier and healthier. It's important to expose yourself to a safe amount of sunshine – whether that’s from your backyard, balcony or front porch. Here are four big benefits of sunlight.

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How can I prepare for an ACAT assessment?

Do you know how to prepare for an ACAT assessment? Before you meet with an ACAT assessor, it’s worth spending time thinking about the changes you’ve experienced in the past six months.

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A wish for fish is granted with a visit to AQWA

Brightwater's Life's Possibilities program has sent residents on a new adventure to the aquariums of AQWA in Hillarys, fulfilling a special request from the residents of Onslow Gardens.

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Touring residential aged care homes

Choosing a residential aged care home is a big decision. So it makes sense that many families would like to take tours of the home before deciding which home is right for them. Here’s what you need to know about touring residential aged care homes.

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Where can I find the costs for residential aged care?

When starting your residential aged care journey, one of the most common questions is how much does it cost? There can be many factors which influence the cost of residential aged care. Here is where you can find the provider determined costs.

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Waiting lists in residential aged care

Finding a residential aged care home can be an extensive process, so when you find a few preferred options, it can be disheartening to hear there may not be a place available. We’re here to say, don’t be too disheartened about waitlists. Here is what you need to know about being put on a waitlist in residential aged care.

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My parent(s) need 24/7 help, so we are considering residential aged care

Helping your parents move to residential aged care is a good way to test whether family roles and responsibilities are defined and well understood by everyone. Those who participated in in-home care might not be the same people who manage the transition to a residential facility. Find out things your family can do right now to smooth the transition for your parents.

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The role of allied health in aged care

Allied health is an umbrella term for a range of health professionals (not including doctors, dentists or nurses). Allied health professionals are university-qualified health practitioners that provide specialist support for physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological or social needs. Here is how they bring their specialist skills to aged care.

10 min read
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Leaving hospital can be a time of transition

For many older people, there may come a time when they can’t go home after a hospital stay. This is when they may be recommended for a stay in a Transition Care Program at a designated aged care home, where they can be supported to get ready for the next step. Here what you need to know about Transitional Care.

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Rob’s carol makes us happy

Our talented resident at Birralee, Robert Wright, has composed a heartwarming Christmas song, 'What Makes Me Happy (at Christmas Time)' and it's nothing short of magical. The song has then been recorded by the angelic voices of Carine Primary School Choir - a true collaboration spanning generations.

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What are Additional Services fees?

Additional Services fees are becoming common amongst some residential aged care providers. Find out everything you need to know about this residential aged care fee.

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I’ve rung and registered interest in residential aged care – what now?

If you’ve spoken to our Welcome Team recently regarding residential aged care, but forgotten what happens next, here’s your reminder.

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What to do when living at home is no longer an option

There are many reasons why people move into residential aged care. So what are some early steps you can take when you realise that you, or a loved one, can’t continue living independently?

9 min read
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Brightwater Inglewood - Where Community Thrives

When Brightwater Care Group’s newest aged care home opened last year, Rafaela Arias became, in her own words, its first Queen.

8 min read
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What’s that acronym? Residential Aged Care edition – Part One

There are a lot of acronyms when it comes to residential aged care. And whilst they do their best to simplify complex names or concepts, people unfamiliar with the acronyms can find it confusing.

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Cheatsheet for the Income and Asset Assessment in Residential Aged Care

When entering residential aged care, your income and assets pay a large role in determining how much you need to pay for your care. Here is our cheat sheet for the income and asset assessment in residential aged care.

3 min read
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Making the Transition: Resources for moving into a care facility

Making the decision to move out of one's home and into a care facility can be a difficult and emotional process. There are many resources and options available to help you make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible.

4 min read
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How much does residential aged care cost?

It’s a simple question, with a complicated answer. How much does residential aged care cost? Different providers charge different amounts depending on their location and the services provided. But how much you need to pay, and how you pay it, can make it complicated.

8 min read
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Brightwater Inglewood - Where Families Feel At Home

When Marion Urfig arrived at the beach in Durban with a girlfriend on Christmas Day 1966, it marked the beginning of a love story that has spanned fifty-six years and two continents. A love story that has withstood the challenges of growing older.

7 min read
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Where can I compare aged care providers?

Are you looking to compare aged care providers near you? Here is where you can go to find easy comparisons.

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How do I choose an aged care provider?

Choosing an aged care provider can be a difficult decision in a crowded market with heaps of information. Discover tips and advice to help make the decision.

12 min read
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Is there a difference between for-profit and not-for-profit providers?

Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, aged care providers care for us when we are at our most vulnerable. However, are they very different?

2 min read
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The emotional journey into residential care

Supporting a loved one as they enter residential aged care can be daunting and raise emotions we didn't expect to feel. Meet our Engagement Team, who help people transition into their new homes.

7 min read
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How do I receive an ACAT assessment?

An ACAT assessment provides you and possible aged care providers with a clearer understanding of what services would provide the most support for you. Here is how you can quickly and easily organise an assessment.

4 min read
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What does an ACAT assessor assess?

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is the primary assessment team who assess the care requirements of people with higher care needs. So what do they assess when they come to visit?

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What is an ACAT assessment?

An ACAT assessment is the gateway to be able to access government subsidised home care or residential aged care. However, how do you receive an assessment, and what happens at an assessment?

6 min read
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How to have difficult conversations with family members

Decisions about aged care can lead to difficult discussions for families. Even with best intentions, they can be stressful and cause emotional conflict.

10 min read
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How to make difficult decisions in stressful situations

Decisions about aged care must often be made suddenly, after a serious health incident. Making decisions when that happens can be incredibly stressful.

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Looking after your emotional wellbeing at a difficult time

The search for aged care can be emotionally taxing, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. Here are tips on how to care for yourself during your search.

7 min read
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Free will service for your lasting legacy

Brightwater are excited to partner with Gathered Here, an online will service, to make legacy giving as easy as possible for our you. Allowing the Brightwater community to write a will for free.

4 min read
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Research to make Advance Care Planning easier

Do your loved ones know your wishes for your future health and personal care? If so, you may have prepared an Advance Care Directive.

6 min read
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Can I go on holidays or take day trips when in residential aged care?

Life doesn’t have to stop when you live in residential aged care. In fact, we encourage everyone to continue living the life they enjoy. Here is everything you need to know about taking social leave in residential aged care.

3 min read
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Advance Health Directives, Enduring Power of Attorney, & Guardianships – what do these terms mean?

Find out about enduring power of attorney, enduring power of guardianship and advance health directives, to help with end of life planning.

10 min read
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Advance care planning – what is it and why is it so important?

Advance care planning ensures you remain in control of your life, even when you can no longer communicate your wishes. Find out how it helps end of life planning.

9 min read
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What happens if I need to go to hospital?

As our care needs change, you might need to be admitted to hospital for periods of time. Here is what happens when you need to go to hospital.

1 min read
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Brian Adamson | Senior Story

Across our aged care, home care and retirement communities, there are thousands of stories of a life well lived. This is Brian's.

If you're a fan of footy, this name might ring a bell. Brian's bragging rights include five goals in a grand final, two premierships and a memorable hairdo.

2 min watch
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A few tips to make adjusting to life in residential aged care easier and better

When someone you love moves into residential aged care, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how it is all going to work out. Here is how you can help your loved one settle into aged care.

6 min read
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Gordon Ewers celebrates his 107th birthday | Senior Story

Joined by family and friends from across the decades, Brightwater Madeley resident Mr Gordon Ewers celebrated his 107th Birthday in style.

4 min read
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Penny Crittall | Senior Story

Across our aged care, home care and retirement communities, there are thousands of stories of a life well lived. This is Penny's.

Penny loves a good story, so a career in radio was a natural fit. Despite living with multiple sclerosis, Penny remains an avid traveller and theatregoer.

2 min watch
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What do I do if I have a complaint?

We always strive to do our best and provide the quality services you want to receive. In the event you would like to make a complaint, we have a handy guide on how you can provide your feedback.

4 min read
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What is a good death?

Choosing how you live your final days is one of the last significant decisions you ever get to make. Do you know what a good death looks like?

9 min read
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Marjorie Charleson | Senior Story

Across our aged care, home care and retirement communities, there are thousands of stories of a life well lived. This is Marjorie's.

Marjorie's illustrious career included many firsts. After a number of trailblazing efforts at Ascot, it's no wonder there's a horse race named in her honour.

2 min watch
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David Grant | Senior Story

Across our aged care, home care and retirement communities, there are thousands of stories of a life well lived. This is David's.

For David, creativity is key. He's painted hundreds of people in their birthday suits, and even written short stories inspired by their candid conversations.

2 min watch