Paving the way at Oats Street.

Throughout our lives, our brain continually rewires itself, changing and adapting as a result of our experiences. Modern science calls this phenomenon neuroplasticity.

After a brain injury, life takes a turn into uncharted territory. Getting back on track is tough, but with the right intervention and support over the right period of time, the progress made can be life changing.

The Oats Street rehabilitation program was born from the concept of neuroplasticity. Since 1991, Brightwater has been an innovator in the area of acquired brain injury (ABI), assisting people with an ABI to build new pathways.

By pushing the boundaries of brain science, the program has been internationally recognised for achieving breakthrough results. Our phased approach to rehab fuses therapy with everyday living scenarios, encouraging you to relearn important life skills.

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A one-of-a-kind program

The Oats Street rehabilitation program is unique.

It gives you the chance to explore what your brain can do, while supporting and enabling you on your way to maximising your potential.

To participate in the program, you will need to:

  • Be aged 18 to 65 and have an acquired brain injury
  • Be medically stable
  • Have the desire and potential to build your skills

Step by step, day by day

Together, we’ll build the practical and functional skills you need to achieve your goals. Step by step, you’ll work your way through Oats Street – a purpose-built rehab centre for you to call home.

Therapy is translated into everyday tasks that evolve from phase to phase. During your stay, you’ll continue building the skills you need to live independently and confidently in the community, post-ABI.

Starting with fully supported accommodation, you’ll graduate to the next phase of the program as you hit new milestones. Since good things take time, graduates typically live here for 12 to 24 months. Day by day, you’ll continue working toward your goals, moving from house to house as you become more independent.

People come to Oats Street to start living their lives again. If you reach our independent living units, it means you’ve reached the final phase of the program – the next step to transitioning back into the community.


In partnership with the University of Western Australia and the Neurotrauma Research Program, Brightwater has created myTBI. A series of modules to support people living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

MyTBI - Psychoeducation modules to support people with a traumatic brain injury (TBI)

In partnership with the Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden, Brightwater has created fact sheets about living with an ABI. These are available below:


We’re here to help

If the Oats Street rehabilitation program is right for you, get in touch. We can help you find funding, and after the program, we’ll help you find a permanent home that fits you, whatever that might look like it.

We also offer short-burst therapy for those who need a refresher program or can only commit to 3 to 6 months.

And for people who want to remain living close to their family and friends in the community while still getting access to the rehabilitation services from our Oats Street Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre we offer a transitional rehabilitation program in the community.

For more information on the Oats Street Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre, call us on 1300 223 968 or submit an enquiry form.

Transitional Rehabilitation Program Fee Schedule

Why you can trust Brightwater


Holistic approach to health

We have an in-house team of health professionals, that includes nurses, physios, OTs and more - who work together to ensure you receive the best quality care.


Not-for-profit since 1901

For over 100 years, we’ve been there for West Australians from all walks of life. With humble beginnings in Subiaco, today we provide services all across Perth.


Responsibility for research

We are the only WA home care provider with a dedicated Research Centre – a hub of discovery and innovation, collaborating with national and international universities to find innovative solutions to improve the quality of lives of our clients.


Rehabilitation for life

By combining therapy with everyday living scenarios over an extended period of time and through different stages of rehabilitation, we are the expert of building a bridge between hospital and home.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will I stay at Oats Street?

    This will depend on your individual needs and the expected outcomes that can be met while in the program.

    During your stay, you may move between the houses depending on your progress and the dynamics of the members in the house. Each house move demonstrates a change in functional ability and ensures you'll be living with others at a similar level. House moves represent positive progression and will be determined by your team.

    Your length of stay will depend on your progress. Oats Street is a transitional living arrangement - all clients will discharge from the program, and assistance in planning for long term support and accommodation will be provided.

  • What do I need to pay for if I participate in the Oats Street Rehabilitation Program?

    The Department of Health funds the Oats Street program and covers operational costs.

    You will be responsible for a daily fee that covers board and lodging, which is 75% if the Disability Support Pension and rental assistance payments. This is reviewed twice yearly in line with adjustment to the pensions.

  • What resources are available at Oats Street?

    The site has a learning centre which includes a gym area, multi-use room, group room, consult rooms and a hydrotherapy spa bath. Outside there is a small basketball court, exterior gym equipment and a climbing wall.

    Clients live in a shared house with a communal kitchen, lounge and living areas.

  • What are the visiting hours at Oats Street?

    We welcome visitors outside of rehabilitation and therapy time.

    Visiting hours are Monday to Friday between 11am and 1pm or 4pm and 7pm, and weekends and public holidays from 10am to 9pm.

  • Can my partner or family members stay overnight at Oats Street?

    Partners and family members are invited to arrange overnight stays in a self-contained apartment on-site.

    Staff support will be available during stays via a call bell. You can make arrangements with our team, subject to apartment availability.