Top-of-the-line commercial linen and industrial laundry services.

Brightwater Linen provides a first-class commercial laundry management services and linen supply service to companies and clients across Perth and throughout the state, including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, care facilities and the mining sector.

Based at Malaga Business Park, our 3500sqm commercial laundry facility features state-of-the-art industrial equipment that keeps everything crisp and clean. From freshly laundered tablecloths to plush towels and bedsheets, we offer professional and reliable commercial laundry services in Perth.

If you'd like to visit our Malaga facility, give us a call 08 9209 6800.

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Reliability is our responsibility

For us, it’s not just about getting all the details right.

It’s about being responsive to what your business needs. Whether your hotel requires quality linen and laundry services, including cleaning and hire, or ongoing industrial laundry services on a remote mine site, Brightwater Linen can deliver. At Brightwater Linen, service really does set us apart. Our customers are our top priority, so we don’t focus on meeting your expectations – we focus on exceeding them.

“ When we've run out of linen, they have always been ready to help us. The quality of their linen and their prompt assistance in urgent situations is the epitome of good customer service. ”

Marivic Ancero, The Melbourne Hotel

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you provide linen rentals or hire?


    Renting or hiring our linen stock is available to all clients that use our laundry management services.

    We can supply standard and dress sheeting, towelling, function linen and tablecloths.

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  • How do you ensure colour consistency?

    Most people wouldn’t mix whites with colours in a domestic laundry. The same principles apply on a commercial scale.

    Where other commercial laundries might run on one or two tunnels, Brightwater Linen has three tunnels that process around 5.1 tonnes per hour. This means we can use two tunnels specifically for whites, and reserve the other for colours. This helps us make sure your whites stay white and your colours stay bright.

  • What are your quality standards?

    Brightwater Linen is certified to Quality Standard ISO 9001 as well as AS4146:200 Standard for Laundry Practice.

    Our team undertakes quality testing procedures on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure operational effectiveness in removing soil and disinfecting linen without damage.

    These tests include:

    • Testing of hard surfaces AS4709.3.4 (including trolleys, folding tables and trucks)
    • Testing Finished Product AS2998.1987, AS2995.1987, AS2996.1987, AS4079.200 (including sheets, towels and pillow cases)
    • Microbial Challenge Test 3.4 

    In addition to microbial testing, swatch tests are completed every 6 months and are analysed by an independent laboratory. Swatch tests look for:

    • Degree of intrinsic graying and yellowing, degree of whiteness
    • Degree of soil removal
    • Overall loss of breaking strength due to chemical degradation or mechanical damage
    • Microbiological testing (available on request)

  • What are the benefits of using your linen rental service?

    Linen rental is available to clients who use our laundry management services.

    The benefits include:

    • No linen investment - we have a wide range of products to choose from
    • No hardware investment - we supply all the required trolleys for service
    • Service that meets all your quality and customer service expectations
    • Time and cost efficiencies that allow you to concentrate on your core business!

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  • What is tunnel washer technology?

    Tunnel washers are high-performing, energy-efficient machines that utilise the latest water recycling technology. Soiled linen is continuously loaded and passes through the tunnel in one direction, at the same time as water and detergents pass through in the opposite direction. Instead of waiting around for individual loads to finish, the soiled linen continuously goes into one end of the tunnel while clean linen moves continuously out the other.

    At Brightwater Linen, we have three tunnels, allowing us to use two strictly for whites and reserve the other for colours. That means your whites stay white and your colours stay bright!

    To tour our Malaga facility, call Chris Morgan on 08 9209 6800 or fill in an enquiry form.