Current & Completed Research

Current research

Project Collaborators
Increasing independence for clients with a traumatic brain injury through continence technology
Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA)
Predicting outcomes for Brightwater clients and residents with acquired neurological disability (year 2010-2022) Internal
Neuropsychological predictors of outcome following acquired brain injury in adults University of Western Australia (UWA) Psychology
Outcomes of on-site meal preparation on wellbeing for people with Huntington’s Disease Internal
A Social Care Approach to Ageing: Promoting meaningful engagement of persons with advanced dementia ageing in supported living environments UWA Social Science and others
Resilience in the ageing community living at home UWA Psychological Science
BAN-Dep: A trial to decrease the prevalence of depression in older Australians UWA, Western Australian Centre for Health & Ageing, University of Melbourne, University of York (UK)
Improving cognitive and functional capacity older people through an exercise prescription approach Helping Hand, University of South Australia, Edith Cowan University (ECU)
Prevalence, impact and management of cognitive and sensory impairment in people living in assisted living  and residential care settings in Australia University of Manchester (UK), Ear Science Institute Australia (WA)
Advanced care planning for persons with dementia through supported decision making UWA Rural Clinical School, HammondCare (NSW), Helping Hand (SA), UWA Psychology, University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, UWA Law, SA Health
Redesigning palliative care at Brightwater Internal
Evaluation of “Training workshops on neurocognitive disability amongst marginalised groups and complex co-morbidity” Internal
The impact of a tailored dance program on older adults living in residential aged care Curtin University Physiotherapy
Wound management clinical trial for clients receiving care under Home Care Packages Internal

Completed research

Project Collaborators Year(s)
Understanding the impact of socialisation robots on the social engagement of older adults with cognitive decline NHMRC CDPC & funding partners 2016-2017
An interprofessional education toolkit for staff in residential aged care NHMRC CDPC & funding partners 2016-2017
Evaluating the outcomes for interprofessional education programs in residential aged care NHMRC CDPC & funding partners 2013-2015

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I volunteer with the Brightwater Research Centre?


    Volunteers help our research centre with data collection, data analysis, literature reviews and more.

    Please visit our Research Volunteers page for more information.

  • What sort of research do you conduct?

    All of our research is focused on improving the quality of life of our residents and clients, therefore most of our research is practical and applied in a care/community setting.

    Our priorities are brain health, brain injury rehabilitation, independence, ageing well, dementia care, quality of life, Huntington’s disease and nutrition.

    For more information, see our Current Research page.

  • What are the steps involved in gaining approval to conduct research at Brightwater?

    Step 1

    Complete the Brightwater Research Enquiry
    Note: Enquiries are to be submitted one week prior to scheduled meeting dates. The outcome of the research enquiry will be within one week of these dates

    Step 2

    If your research enquiry is considered feasible for Brightwater, you will be invited to complete the Brightwater Research Application form.
    Note: Research applications go to the Brightwater Research Centre or Steering Committee for approval

    Step 3

    Once your research application is approved, complete all required legal and administrative documentation.

    Step 4

    Commence your research study!


  • Can I donate to the Brightwater Research Centre?

    Donations can be used to fund research studies at Brightwater.

    Click here to learn more about donations.

  • Can I partner with Brightwater for my research project?

    Please submit the Brightwater Research Enquiry.

    You will be informed of the outcome of the enquiry within one week of the scheduled meeting dates.