Our vision is to enable independence and constantly improve the wellbeing of everyone in our care.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Brightwater relies on the generosity of our community to bring joy to the lives of our clients. Corporate support allows us to provide for the extras we would otherwise be unable to fund, like life experiences, special equipment and vital research.

Our corporate partners can and will make a difference, by providing their time, their talent and their resources.

How your company can make an impact

  • Huntington’s Campus

    A community of houses for people living with Huntington’s disease

    Our goal is to build a world class facility supporting people with Huntington’s disease and their families. Huntington’s Disease is an inherited disease affecting areas in the brain which control, movement, thinking and emotion. It has a slow progression, symptoms gradually worsen over time. It is a degenerative and ultimately fatal neurological condition, that causes cells to die off in parts of the brain that control mobility, speech, cognition and mood. It is an insidious, awful disease, of which there is no cure. An affected parent has a 50% chance to pass it on to each child, but it also can occur for the first time in a family.

    The impact on a family of even one person with Huntington’s is significant, and commonly, there are people across generations who inherit the gene. For this reason, the proposed Huntington’s campus is not only about the people who we provide direct care for, but also their immediate and extended families.

    Our vision for the future is to ensure all people with Huntington’s have the opportunity to direct their own care, actively participating in both their home environment and community, and to create programs and services that empower people with Huntington’s to age with dignity.

    Corporate partners can support the program through in kind and financial support.

  • Life's Possibilities

    Due to the effects of ageing, Huntington's disease, neurological conditions, disability or acquired brain injury, enjoying life's simple pleasures is no longer possible for many of our clients.

    Over 100 dreams have come true through our Life's Possibilities program, which gives clients the chance to enjoy experiences that most of us take for granted.

    Life's Possibilities provides the socialisation and wellbeing of our aged care and disability clients, enabling individuals and groups to enjoy outings, in-house events, new programs and experiences.

    Corporate partners can support this program financially or through the donation of experiences.

    Employees can also volunteer their time to help support the clients and help them fully enjoy the experience, even if it’s just as a friend.

  • The Music Pharmacy

    Over 300 residents and carers across our sites have experienced the joy of our music and wellbeing sessions. The program has provided our residents with strategies that use music as a tool to support health and wellbeing.

    Corporate partners can support the cost of musical equipment or donate musical equipment.

    Employees can also volunteer their time to help support the clients on their musical journey.

  • Getaway for a Day

    This program supports our disability, residential aged care and home care clients, focusing on providing positive and meaningful connections via one on one and group interactions through social group activities, excursions and incursions.

    The program will help clients to develop relationships, talk to people, make new friends and overcome practical and financial obstacles that are an obstruction to participating in activities.

    Corporate partners can support the program financially.

  • Research

    At the Brightwater Research Centre, we are conducting research with community, industry and academia that uncovers solutions to make a difference to the lives of our clients and those in the broader community.

    Working on 49 projects with 35 partners and collaborators in the areas of acquired brain injury, ageing well, continence, nutrition, dementia and palliative care, the Brightwater Research Centre has been represented in 17 publications and presentations.

    Corporate partners can support through funding for the advancement of research initiatives.

  • Homeward Bound Program

    Many of our clients, particularly those that transition from Brightwater Marangaroo and Oats Street into independent accommodation or supported accommodation, have no or limited funds to set up a unit and as such need assistance with the purchase of white goods, kitchen equipment, toiletries and linen.

    It is a stressful but exciting time for our disability clients, who have undertaken rehabilitation, leaving what has been their support and home for an extended period of time to transition back into their own accommodation and to live an independent life again.

    Learning to manage money and a household all over again brings with it a level of stress.

    Our Homeward Bound program hopes to alleviate some of that stress and provide a level of comfort by way of the gifting of a Homeward Bound starter pack for their transition back into the community.

    The starter pack includes linen, white goods, toiletries, kitchen appliances and grocery vouchers.

    Corporate partners can support the program through in kind and financial support.

  • Family Connect Program

    Many of our clients who undertake rehabilitation at our homes have been away from their family and friends for an extended period of time, and the ties to those people have been challenged and in some cases severed.

    Rebuilding connections, much like rehabilitation, takes time and brings with it a level of stress.

    Our Family Connect program hopes to alleviate some of that stress and provide a level of support by facilitating positive connections through a Family Connect gift.

    This program supports Brightwater clients to restore family links that can so easily be challenged, weakened or even severed after illness or injury, especially for people from regional areas of WA.

    It helps clients overcome distance and other practical and financial obstacles that are obstructing to the precious relationships that we all take for granted.

    The program helps reunite Brightwater clients with their families, providing family support and social connections to clients.

    Many of our clients are not able to connect with close family members due to inability to travel safely or because of financial restrictions. The Family Connect program identifies clients who would benefit from reconnecting with family. This could be via an interstate trip, funding accommodation for a family stay in Perth when they live in country WA or the purchase of an iPad to enable a client to see and speak to their family living interstate or overseas.

    Corporate partners can support the program through in kind and financial support.

  • Brightwater Buddies Schools Connect Program

    Schools have the opportunity to partner with Brightwater by joining the Brightwater Buddies Schools Connect Program. This program hopes to connect primary and high school students in the community with our aged care and disability clients through a range of initiatives.

    Most recently schools showed their support by donating toiletries and other goods that went to our disability clients who are preparing to transition back into the community.

    Schools can support the program by partnering with Brightwater.

At Brightwater, we seek long-term partners who can help us achieve our goals.

Collaboration is key. We'll work closely with you to develop a uniquely designed partnership that meets your business objectives, including:

  • Corporate donations
  • Event sponsorship
  • Workplace giving
  • Fundraising events
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Work placements
  • Christmas Appeal

Our partnerships at work

Established in 2017, the Downer Getaway Camp enables clients with disabilities to participate in adventure activities they’d otherwise not have the opportunity to do. The Downer Group have continued to provide financial assistance and volunteers to help at the four day camp.

The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation was established in 1978 by Mr Stan Perron AC to support a range of charitable causes especially those related to the health and wellbeing of WA children.

The foundation operates with a clear vision - to continue Stan Perron’s legacy of generous giving to benefit the WA community, the disadvantaged and others who need a helping hand.

The BEX team is supporting our Brightwater Buddy Concierge Program, where each of our aged care homes will have a concierge to warmly welcome people into the home. BEX delivers the best business experience through technology and absolute service excellence. 

HiscoNFE is a proud WA owned and operated business and have been supplying hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering companies, health & aged care, mining and government since 1985. HiscoNFE have provided support to our Homeward Bound Program for clients who are transitioning back into the community.

Our approach to brain injury rehabilitation is unique. Thanks to Lotterywest funding, we've been able to to develop a range of resources explaining what happens at Oats Street and the remarkable difference it makes to the lives of people with an acquired brain injury.

Janissen Electrics have been our electrical partner of choice for a number of years. In 2019, they funded the labour and installation of Christmas lights at all of our aged care and disability homes and also granted a number of wishes for our disability clients as part of our 2019 Christmas Appeal. In 2020, Janissen supported our Christmas Concert Series for all sites spreading joy and happiness to all.

Australia Post is encouraging people to make new friends, through the sharing of stories and experiences. Similar to the Brightwater Buddies program, for individual volunteers, Australia Post is helping people over 55 years old who are interested in connecting as a group through letter-writing. Click here to register.

The Coffee Club is supporting our Skills for Living program that encourages clients in their rehabilitation journey to reach their goal of becoming more independent. The program focusing on teaching clients everyday skills like bill paying, developing relationships, talking to people and making new friends.

In 2018, the Insurance Commission of WA funded significant research to improve independence and reduce the cost of continence care for people with an acquired brain injury. We've since rolled out an approach to continence that has also been made available to the entire sector.

Alcoa of Australia employees are committed to making a difference in their local communities. Their successful payroll donation scheme has helped tens of thousands of disadvantaged people, community groups and health care organisations.

PEACH has provided funding for the Garden Club at Brightwater The Oaks, allowing 61 residents to access this natural space all year round, increasing mobility and positive interactions.

Woodside has donated to the Brightwater Buddies program as part of its COVID-19 Community Fund.

Their generous donation will help to expand Brightwater Buddies to reach our Brightwater At Home clients and people in the broader community, to help keep these people socially connected.

The Rotary Club of Southern Districts has provided funding for the development of a website that will support children and youth impacted by a family member with an Acquired Brain Injury or Younger Onset Dementia. 

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