Supported Independent Living

Make yourself at home

Adjusting to life’s new circumstances can be tough, especially if the place you live in isn’t set up to suit.

We offer accommodation that lets you live as independently as possible, with added support for everyday activities. Our team is always on hand to help out, offering one-on-one assistance whenever you need it.

Of course, we want you to feel at home. That means we’ll help decorate your new room, we’ll embrace your shoe collection and we’ll encourage your hobbies.

And with Brightwater, nobody gets left behind. We’ll keep you in the loop when there’s something fun going on - and we’ll be just around the corner when you’re doing your own thing.

Accommodation that suits you

With ten communities across Perth, including two that specialise in supporting people with Huntington's disease, there’s a Brightwater home you can belong to.

We look at what works for you, including where your friends and family live, what’s around your new neighbourhood and if your new housemates are a good fit.

All of our homes are:

  • Accessible and functional, with modifications like hoists, ramps and handles available if required
  • Close to local amenities, community services and public transport
  • Supported by trained Brightwater staff, including sleepover shifts and overnight assistance
  • Close-knit and cosy, ranging from six to twelve rooms
  • Shared by three or more people, each with their own room

For more information on supported independent living, call 1300 223 968.

Arranging NDIS services

This doesn't have to be complex. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you going.

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