Key takeaways

  • Life doesn’t have to stop when you live in residential aged care, this includes holidays and day trips.
  • You are entitled to 52 days of social leave in a financial year.
  • Hospital leave is separate from social leave.

Can I go on holidays or take day trips when in residential aged care?

Life doesn’t have to stop when you live in residential aged care. In fact, we encourage everyone to continue living the life they enjoy.

This includes taking day trips or holidays with loved ones.

Here is everything you need to know about taking social leave in residential aged care.

Can I take holidays or day trips?

Yes, you are entitled to 52 days of social leave in a financial year.

While you are on social leave, you will still be required to pay your agreed fees and daily accommodation costs.

Brightwater will continue to hold your place for you while you are on social leave.

If extra social leave is required in addition to the 52 days, an additional fee will be charged to secure your place at Brightwater.

If you are away from Brightwater for 7 days or more and you have not notified us, we may not be required to continue to secure a place for you. However, we will write to you before any such decision is taken.

How do I organise social leave?

To organise social leave, contact the administration team at your Brightwater home. They will be able to process your leave request.

The administration team will also be able to support you if you need to extend the period of time that you are on social leave.

We would appreciate it if you could update your home on any changes to your condition while on social leave.

Does this include time in hospital?

No, hospital leave is separate from social leave. For more information on hospital leave, click here.

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