Help our clients realise some of their dreams

When illness or injury happens, the things that make us happy often take a back seat.

Donations help provide our aged care and disability clients with opportunities to enhance their lives.

Your donation will help fund simple pleasures like:

  • A fun day out with friends
  • A trip to visit family far away
  • A ticket to see their favourite singer
  • A 'bucket list' adventure

We also use your generous gift towards:

  • New programs to improve wellbeing
  • Equipment to make someone's life more comfortable
  • Tools to help someone connect with their family
  • Important research initiatives
No matter how much you give, every donation helps bring a smile to someone who deserves it.


Put a smile on someone's dial

If you'd like to make a donation the traditional way, click below to download and print a donations form. You can post the form whenever you're ready, or you can email it to

Your donations fund these programs:

This program is dedicated to opening up new opportunities for our clients by providing support for activities, outings, events, experiences or comfort that improves their socialisation and wellbeing.

This includes experiences that they’ve always dreamed of doing – it may be something as simple as attending a concert, swimming lessons, art classes or visiting the art gallery and museum. 

Donations could help provide plants and tools to create a simple garden, or equipment that makes daily life more comfortable and rewarding.

Donations also helps overcome distance and practical obstacles by supporting clients to reunite with family who live far away. 

The Music Pharmacy gives aged care clients the chance to get involved in beneficial music programs, specifically tailored to their needs and preferences.

This unique program uses evidence-based practice to link neuroscience, music therapy and psychology with music and social wellbeing.

Your generous gift will help cover the cost of instruments, equipment, music subscriptions and staff resources for thousands of Brightwater clients.

Your gift can also help support research initiatives through the Brightwater Research Centre.

Behind the scenes, our researchers make a difference to the lives of many. Their findings justify our investment in new ideas and technology, and pave the way for innovation in aged care and disability support.

This fund supports research projects that benefit our clients and the wider community.