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Living with a disability brings with it challenges and obstacles, and an acquired brain injury can strike at anytime.

Brightwater's work as a leading specialist in brain injury rehabilitation is about teaching people to live their lives after a brain injury. People do not come to us having ended their journey from a brain injury, they come to us to start living their lives again. Life does not stop after a brain injury but it does become unchartered territory for most people.

Progress can be long and challenging, but getting the right intervention and support over the right period can be life changing.

With our focus on rehabilitation we aim to transition our clients back to their own home or a supported living environment.

While this move is an exciting time for our clients, learning to manage money and a household again brings with it a level of stress. Many have little or no funds to enable them to live more independently and need assistance to purchase household essentials.

Our Homeward Bound program hopes to provide a level of comfort by gifting household items for clients who are transitioning back into the community. Your tax deductible donation will help us to support our most vulnerable. Any gift size will contribute to our clients' successful transition to an independent living and a better future. 

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Help Mark make a difference

Following a severe stroke in 2014, Mark Elsing was once told he would never eat, walk or talk again.

After his successful world record challenge in 2021 of the longest distance travelled in a wheelchair with one arm, Mark is about to embark on another fitness challenge, pushing his endurance even further to raise funds for the place he credits for his life, Brightwater Oats Street.

All funds raised will be donated to Brightwater Oats Street.

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Your donations help fund these programs:

Life's Possibilities

Life's Possibilities is dedicated to opening up new opportunities for our clients by providing support for activities, outings, events, experiences or comfort that improves their socialisation and wellbeing.

This includes experiences that they’ve always dreamed of doing – it may be something as simple as attending a concert, swimming lessons, art classes or visiting the art gallery and museum. 

Donations could help provide plants and tools to create a simple garden, or equipment that makes daily life more comfortable and rewarding. Or, they could help overcome distance and practical obstacles by supporting clients to reunite with family who live far away. 

Life's Possibilities granted Lisa's wish to see Jimmy Barnes live. Read more here.

The Music Pharmacy

The Music Pharmacy gives aged care clients the chance to get involved in beneficial music programs, specifically tailored to their needs and preferences. This unique program uses evidence-based practice to link neuroscience, music therapy and psychology with music and social wellbeing.

Your generous gift will help cover the cost of instruments, equipment, music subscriptions and staff resources for thousands of Brightwater clients.

Learn more about The Music Pharmacy here.

Brightwater Research Centre

Your gift can also help support research initiatives through the Brightwater Research Centre.

Behind the scenes, our researchers make a difference to the lives of many. Their findings justify our investment in new ideas and technology, and pave the way for innovation in aged care and disability support.

This fund supports research projects that benefit our clients and the wider community. 

Learn more about the Brightwater Research Centre here.

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