Brightwater is honoured to offer scholarships aimed at improving the lives of people in our care.

The Brightwater Lyn Beazley Scholarship

This scholarship aims to help Brightwater investigate the science behind the regeneration that takes place in the brain as a direct consequence of the Oats Street acquired brain injury rehabilitation program.

The scholarship was established thanks to a donation from Professor Lyn Beazley after winning the Governor’s Award for Giving in 2012, combined with a donation from the Southern Districts Rotary Club.

2021 recipient

Lily Cullinan: Impact of post-acute rehabilitation over time on community participation and functional independence outcomes for adults with acquired brain injury.

2014 recipient

Fiona Allanson: Neuropsychological predictors of outcome following acquired brain injury in adults

Lyn Beazley Scholarship 2021 recipient

Lily Cullinan has been awarded the Brightwater Lyn Beazley and Curtin University Scholarship for research into brain injury rehabilitation.

Local Occupational Therapist and PhD student, Lily Cullinan, is the second student to receive the scholarship since it was established in 2012. 

The Don Hutchison Scholarship

Don Hutchison served on the Brightwater Board for 25 years, the last 13 as Chairman. In 2001, to honour his lasting and outstanding achievement, an annual scholarship was established in his name.

The scholarship is for staff members to conduct a project, research or further learning that will contribute to improved quality of life for our clients.

2021 recipient

Jenni Gamble: Preventing, recognising and managing depression in older adults living at home – a service model for Brightwater at Home

2020 recipient

Niall Taylor: The development and validation of a dysphagia screening tool for residential aged care

2019 recipient

Gap Tshering: The Weekend Entrepreneur

2018 recipients

Rebecca Andrews, Lyn Maitland: Mental Health Training

2017 recipient

Belinda Harvey: Promogram Prisma wound management trial

2016 recipients

Wendy Hudson: Train the trainer program in person centred practices
Nicola Llewellyn-Berry: Train the trainer program in person centred practices

The Peter Lane Scholarship

The Peter Lane Scholarship was established in 2008 with a generous donation from the Lane family in memory of their son, Peter. Peter had an acquired neurological disability and lived at Brightwater prior to his death in 2004.

This scholarship is for a staff member/s to conduct a project, research or further learning to create opportunities that will improve the quality of life of Brightwater clients, and increase expertise in the delivery of specialised services to young people with neurological disability.

2021 recipients

Thila Raja: Efficacy of dance movement therapy in acquired brain injuries
Angela Leitch: Caring for smiles: Oral health post brain injury

2020 recipient

Keith Bocks: Develop a best practice model for a spirituality service

2019 recipient

Curtis Reddell: A community based return to work readiness program for people with an ABI: Partnering with a local sports club

2018 recipients

Melissa Marsden, Peggy Lee: Oats Street Coffee Group
Rachel King: The effects of self-compassion intervention on improvement in self-worth and quality of life in people with an ABI

2017 recipients

Georgina Hett: Determining perceptions and outcomes following the implementation of on-site meal preparation in a supported accommodation context
Nicky Brosnan, Rachel King: Responsible drinking after brain injury program

2016 recipients

Tanyan Cavlovic, Georgina Hett, Yvonne Morris: Developing a standardised approach to assessment of young individuals with disorders of consciousness