Leaving a gift in your will is a powerful way to say thank you, and we all have a deep need to do that.

A gift in your will – no matter how big or small will play an important role in improving the wellbeing and enhancing the lives of Brightwater clients.

It's a very special way of making a lasting difference that will help future generations for years to come.

Brightwater gratefully accepts these heartfelt gifts on behalf of our current and future clients who are carving out a fulfilling life as they age or learn to cope with new challenges like dementia, acquired brain injury and Huntington’s disease.

We deeply appreciate your thoughtful gift.

If you have any questions, please call our Fundraising Team on 1300 223 968 or email [email protected]

How gifts in wills help Brightwater

Your gift will make a lasting difference. It will enable Brightwater to deliver and design innovative new services and fund vital research that continues to improve the wellbeing of our community’s most vulnerable people.

For peace of mind, 100 per cent of your gift in your Will goes into a trust to help clients of all ages enjoy a better quality of life by experiencing some of the possibilities – big and small – that we take for granted.

How to leave a gift in your will

3 programs supported by donations

  • Life’s Possibilities

    This program is dedicated to opening up new opportunities for our clients by providing support for activities, outings, events, experiences or comfort that improves their socialisation and wellbeing.

    Your gift could give someone the opportunity to reunite with family who live far away. It could help provide plants and tools to create a simple garden, or equipment that makes daily life more comfortable and rewarding.

  • The Music Pharmacy

    The Music Pharmacy gives aged care clients the chance to get involved in beneficial music programs, specifically tailored to their needs and preferences.

    This unique program uses evidence-based practice to link neuroscience, music therapy and psychology with music and social wellbeing.

    Your generous gift will help cover the cost of instruments, equipment, music subscriptions and staff resources for thousands of Brightwater clients.

  • Brightwater Research Centre

    Your gift can also help support research initiatives through the Brightwater Research Centre.

    Behind the scenes, our researchers make a difference to the lives of many. Their findings justify our investment in new ideas and technology, and pave the way for innovation in aged care and disability support.

    This fund supports research projects that benefit our clients and the wider community.