Responding to Covid-19

Brightwater continues to ensure the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable clients is our top priority. Our residential homes will continue to communicate directly with our residents and families in the case of any Covid-19 or any other infectious outbreaks.  

For a status update on our homes please click here. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How would I hear about an outbreak at my family member’s home?

    If your loved one received a positive test, you will receive a call immediately from the home. 

    If we receive a positive test in your family member’s home (even if they are not COVID-19 positive) you will receive an email from the home to advise you.  We will also provide updates on our website here. 

  • What would happen in the case of a COVID-19 outbreak at a Brightwater Residential site?

    Brightwater has in place a thorough response plan in case of an outbreak or exposure to Covid-19 or other infectious diseases. 

    It also includes details of infection control and care to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in the home.

    Our staff are well trained in infection control practices, including the wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment). 

  • Will I be able to visit my loved one in the case of a COVID-19 outbreak?

    We may have to restrict visitation in some capacity for the first 24 hours until we PCR test all residents in the home. But we will advise you via email if this is the case. 

    We have introduced our Partner in Care program to enable visitors to continue to visit our aged care and disability homes as safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, even in those first 24 hours. To find out more and apply, click here

  • What does Brightwater's Pandemic Response Plan Plan cover?

    Our Pandemic Response Plan covers everything from infection control, the provision of extra staff and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the correct use of PPE, and communication in the event of an outbreak. 

  • How will Brightwater work with WA Department of Health in case of an outbreak?

    Brightwater will work very closely with the WA Department of Health in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak at one of our residential homes.

  • How will our clients and their families be informed if they receive a positive COVID-19 result

    The Service Manager, Program Lead or appropriate clinical staff member on site who has a strong relationship with the client will advise them sensitively and appropriately. The primary contact of a resident will also get an immediate phone call. 

  • Can I visit?

    Please click here for current information about visitors to our disability homes and here for our Residential Aged Care homes. 

    During an outbreak, we will advise you of visitation Directions. You can find information about which homes are currently in outbreak management here. 

    Please pre-book via Zipline. However, if you cannot please phone your site directly to arrange a visit.