Become a Partner in Care

We have introduced our Partner in Care program to enable visitors to continue to visit our aged care and disability homes as safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A partner in care is a person who has a close and continuing relationship with one of our care home residents, such as a family member, loved one, friend or representative.

We recognise the important contributions family and friends make to the wellbeing and safety of residents in our care homes, and our Partner in Care program allows for ongoing regular contact between residents, family and friends.

The program is available to all Brightwater residents, and each resident will be able to have one nominated partner in care.

How will I be supported?

We will support you with training to ensure you feel confident in your role as a partner in care.

This will start with an online training course that covers safe infection control practices, including:

  • How to don (put on) and doff (take off) personal protective equipment
  • What to do when you arrive for your visit
  • Directions to keep yourself and your loved one safe while visiting
  • Privacy and screening on arrival

Once complete, you will have the opportunity to attend a virtual Q&A session with the Brightwater team, where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your role and responsibilities as a partner in care.

Once you are ready for your visit you will be supported by a Brightwater staff member, who will help you to don and doff safely before heading into the care home. They will also pass on any additional information you need to know to keep yourself safe, including any updated COVID-19 directions or information from State or Federal health.

Express your interest now

If you are interested in being a partner in care and receiving training to perform this role if there were to be an outbreak in your loved one's home, register your interest by completing the form below, or call 1300 223 968.