Music and wellbeing work in sync

Music is known to alleviate stress, reduce agitation, evoke emotion and boost self-esteem. It can have a positive effect on people of all ages and circumstances – especially those with cognitive impairment such as dementia. 

That's why we created the Music Pharmacy – a unique program that uses evidence-based practice to link neuroscience, music therapy and psychology with music and social wellbeing.

Waltz into life

When we piloted the Music Pharmacy, 100% of staff, clients and their families said they would recommend it to others. So, we decided to make music a core part of our care.

Our team are trained to use the nuances of music to connect, engage and motivate. Whether it's to encourage movement, improve socialisation or simply for a bit of atmosphere, a healthy dose of music is embedded into our everyday culture.

The Music Pharmacy gives our residential aged care, transition care and Brightwater At Home clients the chance to get involved in beneficial music programs, specifically tailored to their needs and preferences.

How music helps Ron reconnect with those around him

Dementia is slowly taking away Ron’s personality, bit by bit. Although the changes are uncontrollable, Ron and his family can count on music to reinvigorate him when nothing else can.

What programs are available in the Music Pharmacy?

Through research and industry collaborations, we stay up-to-date with the latest findings to inform our creative approach. Our clients can enjoy a range of music activities, including:

Group Music Therapy

A research-based practice where a university trained and registered music therapist intentionally uses music to support health and functioning – regardless of age, ability, musical skill or culture.

It incorporates song writing, drumming, improvisation and more to achieve individual goals such as cognition, communication, behaviour, motor skill, mobility and mental wellbeing.

This program is available in residential aged care and Brightwater At Home 

Jam Sessions

Making music in a social environment can be a fun and engaging activity, helping those living in the community to stay socially connected.

Guided by a professional musician, this music engagement group includes a fun assortment of instruments that everyone can have a go at. 

This program is available in residential aged care and Brightwater At Home

Personalised Playlists

Research indicates that musical memories remain preserved even into the later stages of dementia. Personalised music can connect someone to their self-identity and those close to them.

This program includes an easy-to-use music player fully loaded with thoughtfully selected songs, unique to each person. To support healthy uses of music, playlists are created sensitively, responses are monitored and Brightwater staff receive training to offer suitable music at the right times.

This program is available in residential aged care and Brightwater At Home

Serene Strings

This innovative program aims to empower people living in care, using the Reverie Harp as a tool for self-care and connection.

Never has there been a more therapeutic instrument than the Reverie Harp - it's lightweight and ergonomically designed so that anyone can play it, including those who are frail. There's no training necessary – simply stroke the strings and enjoy the comforting, calming vibrations.

This program is available in residential aged care

Move & Groove

This music-based intervention promotes movement and social connection to build confidence and self-esteem – all while having fun.

A regular silent disco offers 3 music channels so our groovers can select the music they enjoy. 

This program is available in transition care

To learn more about the Music Pharmacy, talk to us on 1300 223 968.