Brightwater Oxford Gardens, a welcoming aged care in Joondalup

Located near Lake Joondalup, Brightwater Oxford Gardens provides high quality care for people with a range of different needs, including those with advanced dementia and high care needs.

Residents at our aged care home come from all over Perth, particularly Joondalup, Edgewater, Tapping, Wanneroo, Heathridge, Ocean Reef, Burns Beach, Iluka, Tapping and Mullaloo.

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  • High care needs
  • Dementia specific beds available

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Your home

Oxford Gardens has 59 private rooms and 1 shared room that span across four individual houses. Each house has an inviting and homely feel, with its own living room, kitchen and dining room. Gardens and gazebo areas surround each of the houses, providing plenty of spaces to relax outdoors. Central to these houses is a large clubhouse, hairdressing salon, small library and physio gym.

In 2020, we renovated Oxford Gardens, to give the home a brighter and more contemporary look and feel, creating a calmer and more enjoyable environment. With extra signage to assist with wayfinding, enhanced lighting and new artwork along corridors, a spruced up garden, fresh paint in palettes inspired by nature and a general declutter, the home feels welcoming and homely for residents and families.

Your room

At Oxford Gardens, you have the choice of a private room with an ensuite, or a couple’s room with an ensuite. Each room in our aged care home has been designed with individual comfort in mind, with an adjustable electric bed with hotel quality linen, generous storage available in the built-in cupboard for clothing and personal belongings and an individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioning system. Many of the rooms have views over the courtyards and gardens.

Life at Brightwater Oxford Gardens

Whether you want to get involved in our range of social activities or bask in the sunlight of our landscaped gardens, our team will always appreciate your preferences.

Meals at Oxford Gardens are provided by our very own catering team, and the regularly changing menu provides you choice, with a variety of tasty and nutritional meals including some recognisable old favourites.

Every meal on the menu has been tested and approved by our dietitian and speech pathologists, to make sure that we cater for all diet textures, and offer meals that meet the nutritional requirements for all of our residents, including those with dysphagia and chronic disease. From fish and chips, to bangers and mash, to texture modified food that is full of flavour, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

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We have our own in-house team of Brightwater allied health professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrist and social workers. By having this expertise in-house, we can ensure that you receive the best possible care, as our centralised team talks to each other and can quickly identify the support you need.

The clubhouse at Oxford Gardens is home to many of the complimentary activities that take place like bowls, bingo and exercise classes, and run by our experienced therapy assistants. Plus, we regularly have visiting entertainers, like the WA Opera, Perth Symphony Orchestra and dance groups.

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Our team can help take the confusion out of aged care pricing, and can guide you through calculating the fees dependent on your financial situation. The basic daily care fee and means-tested care fee remain the same regardless of the provider and home you choose. The different types of aged care home costs are:

1. Basic daily care fee

The basic daily fee helps pay for your day-to-day services such as meals, cleaning, facilities management and more. The basic daily care fee is paid by all residents and equates to a maximum of 85% of the full single age pension. The rate is currently $61.96 per day and gets updated twice a year (in March and September) in line with increases to the age pension by the Government.

2. Means-tested care fee (if applicable)

The means-tested care fee is a contribution that some residents may be required to pay towards the cost of their personal and clinical care, determined by a means (income and assets) assessment. This fee is calculated by Services Australia if you are on a Centrelink pension (or by the Department of Veteran Affairs if you are on a DVA pension) and is based on your assessable income and assets. Every person entering residential aged care must complete the ’Residential Aged Care Calculation of your cost of care form’ (also called form SA457), available here.

An approximate fee may be calculated by entering your financial information into the My Aged Care website, however, Services Australia will determine the exact amount (between $0 and $400.08 per day) you need to pay once you enter care and will issue a confirmation letter to you and your provider.

There are annual and lifetime caps limits applied to this care fee. Once the limits are reached you are no longer required to pay any means-tested care fee.

3. Accommodation payments for Brightwater Oxford Gardens

If your means assessment determined that you have to pay a means-tested care fee you will also have to contribute towards or cover the full costs of the room. The provider sets its own accommodation pricing and it depends on factors such as location, room size and features of the home.

There are three accommodation payment options to choose from:

  • Option A: Pay a fully Refundable Accommodation Deposit

    You can choose to pay the full deposit known as the Refundable Accommodation Deposit or RAD. This is a lump sum deposit, and the balance of the deposit is refunded to you or your estate when you leave the aged care home.

    There are different room types at Brightwater Oxford Gardens:

    - Classic - private room with ensuite: $450,000

    - Deluxe - private room with ensuite and views of gardens: $480,000 

    - Shared room with ensuite: $310,000

  • Option B - Pay a daily rate

    If you can't afford to pay the full deposit, you can choose to pay a daily rate known as the Daily Accommodation Payment or DAP. You can choose to pay this periodically (eg. weekly or monthly).

    This amount is calculated by converting the Refundable Accommodation Deposit amount into a daily charge using the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate applicable at the time of entry into care and divided by 365 days. (As of April 2024, that rate sits at 8.34%).

    - Classic - private room with ensuite: $102.82

    - Deluxe - private room with ensuite and views of gardens: $109.68 

    - Shared room with ensuite: $70.83

  • Option A+B - Pay a partial deposit and a reduced daily rate

    You can choose to pay a portion of the deposit which will reduce the daily rate depending on how much of the deposit you pay. The balance of the portion of the deposit you paid will be fully refunded to you or your estate when you leave the aged care home.

    Below calculations based on 50% RAD

    - Classic - private room with ensuite: $225,000 RAD and $51.41 DAP

    - Deluxe - private room with ensuite and views of gardens: $240,000 and $54.84 DAP 

    - Shared room with ensuite: $155,000 RAD and $35.42 DAP

How to get started

  • Get Assessed

    Before you can apply, you’ll need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Your GP can make a referral, or you can arrange one directly with My Aged Care. They will provide you with a support plan following your assessment.

  • Enquire With Us

    Complete an online enquiry form or give our Welcome Team a ring on 1300 223 968. Our Welcome Team will gather your personal details and find the right aged care option for you. Once we have your ACAT referral code for ‘Residential Permanent’ we can access your support plan.

  • Clinical Assessment

    Our Clinical Team will review your support plan and level of care required to ensure your preferred site can cater to your needs. Once a suitable vacancy becomes available we will arrange a face-to-face clinical assessment at your preferred location, provide you with more details about the site and talk you through the required paperwork.

  • Site Tour

    We will tour the home with you and discuss any financial matters and payment options in more detail. You may also find it helpful to review our Residential Aged Care Cost leaflet. 

  • Application

    If you like the home and want to proceed, we will help you with the paperwork process. You can expect to complete the Resident Agreement, Payment Options, Consents etc. 

  • Moving In

    Planning for admission commences and a mutually agreed date to welcome you as a new resident is set. Our Moving into Aged Care Booklet will provide you with more information. 

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Why you can trust Brightwater


Holistic approach to health

We have an in-house team of health professionals, that includes nurses, physios, OTs and more - who work together to ensure you receive the best quality care.


Not-for-profit since 1901

For over 100 years, we’ve been there for West Australians from all walks of life. With humble beginnings in Subiaco, today we provide services all across Perth.


Responsibility for research

We are the only WA home care provider with a dedicated Research Centre – a hub of discovery and innovation, collaborating with national and international universities to find innovative solutions to improve the quality of lives of our clients.


Dementia specialists

We were selected in 2018 to run the Australian pilot Specialist Dementia Care Unit, accommodating clients who would otherwise require care in a hospital setting and our learning will influence the whole industry in the coming years.