Our research centre puts the spotlight on wellbeing.

Our research centre is built on shared ideas, expertise, passion and a commitment to making a difference. We actively seek to improve ways of supporting our clients, their families and our staff to enjoy life’s possibilities.

Our dedicated research centre strives to promote a research culture that reflects Brightwater’s mission; one that is informed by the knowledge and experience of clients, staff and collaborators, and is underpinned by evidence that can be translated into real-world outcomes through practice, policies and processes.

Our research priorities include brain health, ageing well, brain injury rehabilitation, independence, dementia care, quality of life, Huntington’s Disease and nutrition.

What we're up to

In FY23 the Brightwater Research Centre conducted research across a broad range of areas that impact our clients and staff including brain health, ageing well, brain injury rehabilitation, dementia care, Covid-19 and nutrition. The Research Centre actively collaborates with universities, industry groups and other aged care service providers to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and staff.

At a glance

  • 17 Publications

    • 14 Journal articles
    • 3 Industry reports

  • 19 Academic Conference Presentations

    • 15 International
    • 4 National

  • 12 Current Grants

    • 7 grants totalling 2.45 million as Lead Investigator
    • 2 grants totalling 3.1 million as Chief Investigator
    • 3 grants totalling 4.4 million as Associate Investigator

  • 11 Funding Partners

    • 2020 Medical Research Future Fund Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission, National Health and Medical Research Council
    • 2020 Medical Research Future Fund Quality, Safety and Effectiveness of Medicine Use and Medicine Intervention by Pharmacists, National Health and Medical Research Council
    • 2020 Medical Research Future Fund Traumatic Brain Injury Stream Grant, National Health and Medical Research Council
    • 2020 Targeted Call for Research into End-of-Life Care Grant, National Health and Medical Research Council
    • Harken Philanthropic Fund
    • Lotterywest
    • Neurotrauma Research Program
    • Southern Districts Rotary Club
    • The Insurance Commission of Western Australia
    • Western Australian Department of Health
    • Western Australian Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust

Key highlights

  • EARLI Intervention

    The ‘Enhanced Advance care planning and life Review Longitudinal Intervention’, also known as EARLI, is a research study in partnership with the University of New South Wales. In FY23, the study conducted a pilot program with Brightwater at Home clients, guiding them to think and talk about what is important as health and personal needs change. Brightwater was one of 12 aged care service providers part of the study.


    The ABI-RESTaRT study examined a range of health and rehabilitation data collected from more than a thousand clients of Brightwater’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Disability Support programs from March 1991 to December 2020. It is a landmark study in terms of the number of years of data studied, and the size and diversity of the cohort.

    The ABI-RESTaRT study has received both national and international recognition, with findings from this study presented at conferences in five countries, including Ireland, Austria and Singapore. Talks and posters have covered topics such as the effectiveness of the Oats Street rehabilitation centre, the prevalence of comorbid health conditions at admission to services, and gender differences in rehabilitation outcomes. This study has been celebrated for the unique and valuable cohort, and the potential for significant translational impact for Brightwater’s clients.

  • Brightwater Research Centre Showcase

    In March 2023, as part of the Brightwater Festival, the Brightwater Research Centre team held a showcase of their latest research in healthcare, disability, families, and nutrition. Our team of dedicated researchers is committed to promoting high-quality and innovative research that informs best practice. The event was attended by hundreds of Brightwater staff, clients,
    families, researchers, and members of the community.

  • World Congress on Public Health

    In May 2023, two members of the Brightwater Research Centre presented their research at the World Congress on Public Health in Rome. Attended by more than 3000 delegates, this Congress represents an annual gathering of the global health community to work across disciplinary boundaries to promote health equity. Dr Chebiwot Kipsaina presented research evaluating the delivery of continence services for catastrophically injured clients, while Dr Georgina Mann presented the first findings from her Postdoctoral Fellowship, identifying the commonly co-occurring patterns of mental health diagnosis for Brightwater’s clients with acquired brain injury. These presentations garnered significant interest and represented a significant step into international collaboration for the Research Centre.