Key takeaways

  • The cost of home care depends on various circumstances.
  • This includes whether you are approved for the Commonwealth Home Support Program, a Home Care Package, or are seeking private services.
  • The Australian Government heavily subsidises the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.
  • The Government contributes to approved Home Care Packages.

How much does home care cost?

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If you are investigating home care for the first time, the most common question you may have asked is, ‘well, how much does this cost?’ And as with many things in aged care, the answer is, it depends. Often on a range of circumstances.

If you have received approval for the Commonwealth Home Support Program, skip forward to item 1.

If you have received approval for a Home Care Package, skip forward to item 2.

If you would like to initiate private home care services, skip forward to item 3.

I have received approval for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

The Australian Government heavily subsidises our Commonwealth Home Support Programme services, so your fees stay reasonable and affordable. Generally, your contribution to help cover the cost of services is approximately $15 per hour or $7.50 per half hour for each service you receive from us.

Under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme there are no exit fees or other fees to worry about. 

Find out more information about the Commonwealth Home Support Program here.

I have received approval for a Home Care Package

If you have received approval for a Home Care Package, it’s important to understand how government contributions work, what fees you may have to pay and how your budget works.

Your package budget works as follows:

  1. Your Home Care Package budget is the combined sum of the government contribution and any contribution you are required to make.
  2. This budget pays for the cost of your services and includes service charges, care management fees and package management fees.

The Government’s Contribution

The Australian Government contributes different amounts depending on the support you require. This is your Home Care Package level. The current package amounts equate to[1]:


Package amount

Level 1

 $     10,272.14

Level 2

 $     18,069.16

Level 3

 $     39,320.04

Level 4

 $     59,607.00

Your Potential Contribution

You may be asked to contribute in two ways, depending on your circumstances:

  1. 1. Through a basic daily fee
    You may pay a basic daily fee if you would like to supplement your budget or have used all of the funds in your existing budget. This is added to your government contribution.


Daily Fee









  1. 2. Through an income tested care fee[2]
    You may be asked to pay an income tested care fee after Services Australia assesses your individual income. If you pay an income tested care fee, the subsidy the government contributes to your Home Care Package is reduced by the amount you contribute.

Individual Income

Daily Fee

Single person with income of $31,140.20


Single person with income between $31,140.2 - $60,268.0

Up to $17.42

Single person with income over $60,268.0

$17.42 - $34.84

Your Home Care Package budget is used to pay for the service charges, care management fees, and package management fees. For more information on Brightwater’s specific fees and charges click here.

[1] The government contribution changes on 1 July every year, these figures are up to date as of 1 July 2023.

[2] The Income tested care fee changes with indexation on 20 March and 20 September every year and are up to date as of 20 March 2023.


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I would like to pay privately for home care

Some clients prefer to pay for the services they receive, rather than pay through Government funding or subsidies. Paying privately can be a good option if you:

  • Would like to receive help at home straight away.
  • Are waiting for your funding to be approved.
  • Are not eligible for government funding.
  • Need access to short-term services.

If you choose to pay privately for home care, it will be on a fee-paying basis. Much like when you book with any other medical professionals, you will pay for the service directly. We will send you an invoice at the end of each month, and you will be able to pay through your preferred payment method.

Our fees and charges update annually, click here for our current schedule. 

If would like more information regarding the cost of home care, or understanding your fees and charges, please contact us by calling 1300 223 968 or emailing [email protected].

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