Brightwater Buddies

Help to keep people in the WA community connected

In March 2020, we launched Brightwater Buddies to support residents in our aged and disability homes expand their opportunity for social interaction, in a time when regularly being with family and friends and out and about in the community wasn’t possible.

We were delighted to receive interest from hundreds of people volunteering to be a Brightwater Buddy, and have since connected over 800 people from across WA with our residents.

Following this success, we are expanding Brightwater Buddies to connect volunteers with not only our own residents, but even broader, providing vital connections to other socially isolated and vulnerable people within the WA community.

Become a Brightwater Buddy today

Brightwater Buddies is all about forming connections. You'll be paired with someone within the WA community who is in need of social connection, and based on how you'd like to communicate, which could include:

  • Calling them and having a chat over the phone
  • Sending them a hand-written letter by post
  • Sending them a personal drawing or piece of art (this option is great for kids)
  • Calling them to read a book
  • Participating in an over-the-phone sing-along!

When social distancing restrictions ease, you can choose to come on board as a Brightwater volunteer and meet our residents in person.

To get started, fill in the form and we'll be in touch soon.

Want to volunteer as a group?

Australia Post is helping seniors connect with new friends through letter writing.

If you’re connected to a club or organisation (perhaps a staff member, volunteer or resident) for over 55s, they will put you in touch with someone from another organisation for seniors.

You’ll work with them to organise groups of pen pals to start exchanging hand-written letters with each other.

This initiative encourages people to make new friends, through the sharing of stories and experiences, at a time when human connection has never been more important.

Click here to register for the Australia Post Senior Pen Pal Club.