Brightwater receives $600k in Lotterywest funding for Huntington’s sensory garden

Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Brightwater Care Group has been given a substantial $600,000 grant from Lotterywest for the creation of a series of landscaped sensory gardens within the group's new Piara Waters campus, a home care facility for those living with Huntington’s Disease.

The sensory gardens will be created to provide residents, their families, and the wider Huntington’s community the opportunity to socialise and relax within architecturally landscaped outdoor spaces.

Natural spaces to delight the senses

The grant will be put towards creative five natural spaces, with each garden having a different purpose, whether it is to rest in solitude, gardening alongside other residents, or socialising on a summer’s day.

Each garden is meticulously designed to evoke at least one of the seven senses - sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, vestibular sense (related to movement and balance), and proprioception (body's connection to movement). The choice of plants and layout aims to elicit a range of emotions, from calming to joyful, thereby enhancing the connection of residents to their natural surroundings.

Five differently designed outdoor areas

The five diverse areas within the development will include a central garden with seating for relaxing and social gatherings, and a communal space with an undercover BBQ station.

To encourage gardening activities, there will also be a chef’s garden for planting herbs, flower arranging, worm farming and propagation, and a community garden where residents and their families can meet.

Physios and occupational therapists will be able to offer therapy to residents in the specialist sensory and mobility garden, which will feature ramps, stairs, and exercise equipment. Certain native plant species will be grown here to attract wildlife, while sound sculptures and edible plants will also work at stimulating the senses.

Each house within the development will also have its own individual landscaped area to give residents the opportunity to take ownership of their own space through gardening and planting design.

Piara Waters development for more than 20 residents

The Piara Waters project is currently under construction and will see seven dwellings built to house 21 clients. The homes will feature Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) designed for those with Huntington’s Disease who have extreme functional impairment or very high needs.

The development is on track for completion by April this year, and is being built by Dale Alcock Projects, a division of ABN Group.

What is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s Disease affects the areas in the brain which controls movement, thinking and emotion, and is a condition that is inherited. It has a slow progression, and symptoms gradually worsen over time. 

A number of Brightwater’s residents have Huntington’s Disease, and although there is no cure, Brightwater provides supportive care through medications and therapies to alleviate symptoms.

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