Ron isn’t the only client who can benefit from the power of music. But we need your help.

Ron is living with dementia  an irreversible condition that is gradually changing his reality. Dementia has had a profound effect on his perception and communication; so much so that in 2015 he had to leave the home he shared with his wife and move into aged care.

A once outgoing fellow, the disease left Ron struggling to speak to those around him.

But thanks to the Music Pharmacy, our unique wellbeing program that combines rhythm with research, Ron’s reality is that much brighter.

Today, Ron is becoming more attentive with every music group he's a part of. He's opening his eyes wide to the melodies, having a go at the instruments, socialising with others, and even sharing his feelings.

Dementia is a growing health issue in Australia. While it cannot be cured, non-medical interventions like music can make a world of difference.

In aged care, music has been shown to evoke emotions, stimulate memories, reduce agitation and encourage social engagement.

With over 700 residents across our 12 aged care homes, plus 1000 home care clients in the community, the Music Pharmacy can bring joy to some of WA’s most vulnerable people – the same people who once cared for us.

With your help, we can keep the Music Pharmacy running. Please send your donation today.

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