The NDIS does not replace other mainstream services.

Mainstream services are the government systems providing services to the Australian public, such as health, mental health, education, justice and housing.

Supporting people with a disability is a shared responsibility. It is the job of mainstream services to fund certain supports, while it is the job of the NDIS to fund other supports. If someone should be providing a support, the NDIS cannot provide it. Governments have agreed to some key principles around funding supports. This is to help everyone know what supports they are responsible for funding. You can see these principles here.

At a recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Disability Reform Council meeting, it was established that the NDIS will now fund a range of disability-related health supports. Further information about what will (and will not) be funded by NDIS can be found here.

  • Your guide to the NDIS

    NDIS flowchart for GPs (Brightwater)
    A simple flowchart explaining the process for NDIS eligible patients.

    A GP & Allied Health Professional's Guide to the NDIS (NDIS)
    A short booklet to help professionals understand the NDIS and the role they play.

    Disability related health supports (NDIS)
    A list of fundable supports which can be grouped into eight 'support type' categories.

    What is an Access Request Form (NDIS)
    You can now download the NDIS Access Request Form (ARF) online to apply for the NDIS.

    Consent Forms for Participant Information (NDIS)
    You can download forms to give consent for NDIA to share the information of an NDIS participant, or to give consent to a third party to act on behalf of an NDIS participant.

    Medical report template (People with Disabilities WA)
    This template helps medical professionals gather relevant information for the NDIS.

    Evidence of psychosocial disability form (NDIS)
    This evidence form makes it easier for people with a psychosocial disability to collect evidence for NDIS eligibility.

  • Want to know about the NDIS?

    So what does the NDIS fund? (NDIS)
    Learn more about the supports that are covered by the NDIS.

    NDIS Booklet 1: Understanding the NDIS
    This booklet will help you get to know the NDIS, check your eligibility and find out what supports and services are funded.

    NDIS Booklet 2: Planning
    This booklet will help you understand your current supports and create an NDIS plan to achieve your goals.

    NDIS Booklet 3: Using your NDIS plan
    This booklet will help you understand, use and review your plan.

    Who can help you with your NDIS application? (Brightwater)
    This list gives you contact information for an NDIA office or Local Area Coordinator in your area.

    The 7 step process to achieving a quality NDIS plan (Brightwater) 
    This form helps you to understand the NDIS pathway. It also tells you what you need to do at each step of the journey.

    Supporting evidence form (NDIS)
    The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will use the information in this form to determine if you meet the requirements.

  • Mainstream interface factsheets

    Mental Health factsheet (NDIS)
    Learn more about the supports the NDIS will fund in relation to mental health services.

    Employment factsheet (NDIS)
    Learn more about the supports the NDIS will fund in relation to employment.

    Housing factsheet (NDIS)
    Learn more about the supports the NDIS will fund in relation to housing.

  • Quick reference guides

    Below are quick reference guides providing examples of how to adapt writing to use NDIS language and provide more of the information that the NDIA requires.

    Getting The Language Right (Summer Foundation)
    A guide to writing reports, letters, forms and assessments for the NDIS.

    Getting The Language Right - Reference Table (Summer Foundation)
    A quick, easy-to-read chart to help you write for the NDIS.

  • Examples of evidence for an access request

    Functional Impairment Report example (Brightwater)
    This example will help you understand the information that the NDIA needs. It explains how to write for the NDIA. This is different from medical reports.

    Letter in Support example (Reimagine)
    This example will help you understand what the NDIA is looking for in a letter to support an application.

If you are unhappy with the decision the NDIS has made about your eligibility, you can request that this decision be reviewed. You can find out more here.

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