Become a Brightwater Buddy

Help improve the social wellbeing of our residents

Whether you like to chat on the phone or prefer the old-fashioned art of letter writing, you can make a difference to someone's day.

Become a Brightwater Buddy and help us tackle loneliness, one person at a time.

For older people, the days can get pretty lonely. But in the midst of an ever-evolving crisis, times are even tougher.

With many aged care homes currently facing visitation restrictions, residents are missing the vital connections they share with visitors – including family, friends, volunteers, school children, entertainers, hairdressers and more.

But even though our homes are practising social distancing right now, it doesn't mean our residents need to go without social connection.

Brightwater Buddies is all about forming connections. You'll be paired with a Brightwater resident based on how you'd like to communicate, which could include:

  • Calling them and having a chat over the phone
  • Sending them a hand-written letter by post
  • Sending them a personal drawing or piece of art (this option is great for kids)
  • Calling them to read a book
  • Participating in an over-the-phone sing-along!

Once this temporary period of isolation is over (and it will be!) you can choose to come on board as a Brightwater volunteer and meet our residents in person.

To get started, fill in the form and we'll be in touch soon.