Senior Stories

A collection of stories from 11 seniors.

Across our aged care, home care and retirement communities, there are thousands of stories of a life well lived. These are just 11 of them.

Watch this fascinating bunch of Brightwater clients share their tales, talents and triumphs.

David Grant

Resident at Brightwater Onslow Gardens

For David, creativity is key. He's painted hundreds of people in their birthday suits, and even written short stories inspired by their candid conversations.


Penny Crittall

Resident at Brightwater Onslow Gardens

Penny loves a good story, so a career in radio was a natural fit. Despite living with multiple sclerosis, Penny remains an avid traveller and theatregoer.


Brian Adamson

Resident at Brightwater South Lake

If you're a fan of footy, this name might ring a bell. Brian's bragging rights include five goals in a grand final, two premierships and a memorable hairdo.


Kate Ramsay

Brightwater At Home client

Having grown up in turbulent times and battled through scoliosis, Kate has lived a colourful life on the stage, including a role as Queen Victoria.


Marjorie Charleson

Resident at Brightwater Redcliffe

Marjorie's illustrious career included many firsts. After a number of trailblazing efforts at Ascot, it's no wonder there's a horse race named in her honour.


Ken Howarth

Brightwater At Home client

For Ken, anything is a drum kit. Having lived and breathed music since he was a young lad, these days he still enjoys a regular jam session.


Ron Chandler

Brightwater At Home client

After inheriting a one-of-a-kind goat cart built by his grandfather in the days of the gold rush, Ron was delighted to see it restored to its former glory.


Nelly Brandsma

Brightwater At Home client

With a myriad of medals to her name, Nelly has never been one to stand idly by. Having rowed until her late 80s, today at 95 she's still up and at 'em.


Maureen Bezuidenhout

Resident at Kingsway Court retirement village

Dr. Maureen made headlines for being the first woman at the helm of Johannesburg's largest hospital  a feat unheard of in the sixties.


Dulcie Lampard

Resident at Kingsway Court retirement village

Dulcie's love affair with literature gave power to her most treasured body of work  a biography about her extraordinary mother, Pearl Hill. 


Viv Paust

Resident at Kingsway Court retirement village

As a former Manual Arts teacher and current life member of the Woodturners Association, Viv has sawdust running through his veins. 


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