Therapy friends leave a lasting impression

Posted on Friday, December 13, 2019

Staff members at Brightwater head office were thrilled to receive a visit from therapy dogs PK, Storm and Lacy, along with Volunteer Sue Baxter, who has been visiting Brightwater The Oaks for the past six years. PK and Storm are Sue’s beautiful standard Poodles, and Lacy is Sue’s adorable Border collie.

It was amazing to see smiles beaming from ear to ear on staff members faces as they saw the dogs waltz around the office to say hello, wagging tails in tow. At such a busy time of year, it's important to take a break, relax and unwind, and this was the perfect way for the team to start their Friday morning. 

Staff from around the office were extremely excited to see the fabulous trio pay a visit.

We have some lovely quotes from staff on how happy they were to see the candid canines…

“How good was it to hear the stress levels reduce and hearts go soft – with the noise levels changing around the office as our furry friends came around.

They certainly made everybody’s day brighter and more relaxed, and raised our happiness-meters by demanding cuddles and paw-shakes.

Thank you to Sue and her canines for allowing us to have a share of the love.” 

  • Yvonne

“The best day at work! What a genuinely beautiful experience for all. Lacy, Storm and PK lifted the spirits of everyone in the office and certainly made my day.”

  • Paul

 ‘Best Day Ever !’

  • Lisette

“I have no words, they warmed my heart”

  • Sharon

“Just the therapy I needed today”

  • Helen

Volunteer Services Coordinator, Wendy, was besotted with the stylish Storm.

We would like to extend a big thanks to Sue for taking the time to visit Brightwater head office with her beautiful dogs. It was an absolute treat and the perfect start to a warm and sunny Friday. 

>> Whether it’s getting out and about with the residents, wowing your audience with the guitar, a complimentary yoga class, or just good, honest companionship, each and every one of our volunteers make a difference.

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