Residential Aged Care COVID-19 and Visitation Update 20th February 2022

Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2022

Reminder: New Visitor Protocols in place in Residential Aged Care from tomorrow

Just a reminder, from tomorrow Monday 21 February 2022 we have new visitor protocols in place at all Brightwater residential aged care homes.

These new protocols incorporate guidance from the WA State Government as well as increased surveillance protocols in the current high case load environment to ensure we keep our Brightwater community safe as safe as possible.


From Monday 21st February 2022:

Visitor Numbers limited to 4 per resident per day

As per the State Government Visitors to Residential Aged Care Directions No 9, there will be a limit of 4 visitors per resident per day to our residential aged care homes.  

Because of this swipe cards will be de-activated, and visits must pre-booked on Zipline.

From Monday morning, you can book your visit here.  

Visiting Hours & Locations

Visiting hours are restricted to 10am – 1pm and 4pm – 6pm, 7 days per week.

Visitors must visit our residents in their rooms or outdoor areas (weather permitting). Visits are not to be conducted in shared spaces.

Visitors must abide by social distancing requirements, the 2sqm rule applies in our homes at all times.

Visitors must continue to stay away if they are unwell or showing any respiratory symptoms.

Visitors must continue to always wear a mask (indoors and outdoors) and practice good hand hygiene.


Sign a declaration of a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

The use of RATs within residential aged care facilities plays an important role in detecting COVID-19 and mitigating risk to staff, clients and visitors.  The Australian Government Department of Health supports the use of RATs to help early identification of cases in high-risk settings and therefore we have put in place a new process for visitors.

Regular visitors  - For visitors who attend one of our homes on more than an ad hoc basis and who have established patterns of care, RATs must be conducted every 72 hours prior to entry on site. For example, if someone visits a resident each day of the week, they only need to have a RAT every three days, not before each visit.

Ad-hoc visitors  - For visitors who only visit a resident on an ad-hoc basis, a RAT must be conducted prior to entry on site and the same day of the visit.   Note: ad hoc basis means attendance at any Brightwater home less than once per week.

Sighting of Test Results – you do not need to bring in proof of the negative RAT but will be asked to sign a negative RAT declaration as part of the sign in process on Zipline.


Zipline Sign in

Visitors must continue to sign in via Zipline on arrival at all times, completing a health declaration including declaration of a negative Rapid Antigen Test, scanning the Safe WA QR code, and then sign out on exit.

If not done already, proof of full COVID-19 and current influenza vaccination must be uploaded to Zipline.

Thank you for your cooperation as we all continue to work together to reduce the risk to our community.