Mark gets a lesson from The Green Machine

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2021

Past client of Brightwater Oats Street, Mark Elsing, got a chance to meet boxing legend Danny Green last week.

Mark who is on a mission to raise money for Brightwater Oats Street through a world record challenge on International Day of People with a Disability on the 3rd December, took part in a training session with ‘The Green Machine.’

Danny said it was an honour to meet Mark and help him on his mission.

“Being in the presence of a true fighter is always a pleasure and privilege and I feel lucky to be afforded that privilege in meeting Mark,” Danny said.

Danny said he gave Mark a few tips, but it was clear he is “a determined bloke, not afraid of anything.”

“Mark does not need much encouragement. He is a very driven and brave individual and I think we could all learn from him.”