Important Update: All Brightwater clients and families 5 February 2021

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2021

Firstly, I want to just say thank you. Thank you for your kind words of support over the last week. I feel very fortunate to be part of an organisation that includes such a wonderful community of people.

WA's transition out of lockdown

A fifth day of 0 cases of community transmission of COVID-19 in WA is again good news.

The Premier announced last night the roadmap out of lockdown, effective from 6pm this evening. You can read more in detail here.

Whilst this is positive news, the State Government, continues to take a cautious approach to ensuring our clients remain safe.

No visitors to aged care and disability care homes, except on compassionate ground, to continue

As per last week, no visitors are permitted in our aged care and disability homes, except in end of life circumstances or if you are a professional advocate.

This is currently expected to be in place until 1201am Sunday, 14th February.

I recognise this is difficult on families not being able to see their loved ones, so we have in place the following ways to keep in touch this week:

  • Phone, Skype or FaceTime calls can be facilitated. Please phone your site directly to arrange this.
  • Window visits will be available once again, where possible. You can also phone your site directly to arrange this. Please remember, as per the State Government guidelines, masks must be worn.

Small group activities

The change in directions for indoor gatherings means we can now safely allow smaller group activities recommence in our homes amongst our residents who choose to participate. Where it is safe to do so, these will take place with physical distancing, hand hygiene, a maximum group of 20 and the 4sqm rule in place.

Our Allied Health and Therapy teams continue to work hard ensure client wellness is a priority in this week of further lockdowns and one to one activities will also continue.

Mask wearing

Mask wearing by our staff in our homes continues and we have a good supply of surgical masks for this purpose.

Cloth masks also continue to be made available for our clients who would like to, and are able to, wear them. This remains optional, not mandatory.

Infection control remains a priority for Brightwater

I also want to reiterate, our staff continue to receive ongoing training in infection prevention and control. This is an important measure to ensure we can keep our community safe.

Finally, with the easing of restrictions, I will not send an email each day this coming week. But I will update you at key points throughout the week and of course, if anything should change.

Keeping open lines of communication with our Brightwater community is important, so if you have any questions in the interim please complete this form and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for your continued support,
Jennifer Lawrence, CEO