Getaway for a day with Georgiou, MKDC and MJA

Posted on Monday, November 15, 2021

Georgiou Group and Georgiou Developments, together with interior design firm MKDC Design Consultants and architects MJA Studio, have come on board to support Brightwater’s Getaway for a Day program for aged care residents and Brightwater at Home clients.

The four organisations each have long standing relationships as service providers to Brightwater and are part of the project team behind Brightwater’s latest new project, Brightwater Inglewood.

The Getaway for a Day Program helps facilitate positive social interactions for clients living at home who may not be able to afford to get out and about for activities and excursions as well as running meaningful excursions and incursions for clients in residential aged care.

Brightwater CEO, Jennifer Lawrence, said she was grateful for the support of the four companies.

“Georgiou Group, Georgiou Developments, MKDC and MJA Studio are experts in creating wonderful living spaces for our residential clients, but we appreciate that they understand the importance of being part of community and have jumped at the opportunity to support us in this way,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer said the focus of the Getaway for a Day program is on providing opportunities to residents in aged care or clients living at home to participate in activities that are meaningful to them – either as a group or one on one.

“Although our residents access the community through various activities already, this extra funding allows us to enhance our community access program by enabling clients to access activities, incursions and events that might have otherwise been out of their financial reach,” she said.

Georgiou Developments Executive Director Jon Smeulders said the Getaway for a Day Program was an extremely important initiative to get behind.

“With Georgiou being both the constructor and development manager of Brightwater’s newest residential aged care home in Inglewood, we are able to see this world-class facility come together from inception to ultimate delivery. To be able to give something back to the clients themselves is a real privilege.”

MKDC Director Kathy Kusinski and MJA Studio Director Wes Barrett said they were equally excited to be involved in this fantastic initiative.

“As lead architects and designers on Brightwater Inglewood, we’ve been privileged over the last few years to learn about Brightwater and its clients’ needs, so contributing to the Getaway for a Day program really allows us to give back.”

Thanks to this funding, 120 clients a year will be able to ‘Getaway for a Day’.