Creative at Heart

Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Retired dancer and former oil painter Colin is a resident of Brightwater Redcliffe. When you walk in to his room you can feel the creative energy. The water colour paintings on his wall are a sight to behold, finessed with gracious strokes that bring each design to life.

Born in Kalgoorlie, Colin moved to Perth as a young teenager. As a young man, Colin was passionate about music, had a love for modern dance and began to dance through improvisation – the process of spontaneously creating movement.

In his early 20’s Colin went to the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne for a year. He then had a career as a dancer in the Eastern States performing on stage and television. He played a significant role in West Side Story as Snowboy performing in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Colin returned to Perth before travelling throughout Asia and Europe for a number of years working as a dancer, artistic director and choreographer.

On returning to Perth in the early 70s Colin started his own modern dance company Khoros. The fantastic, tight knit group of 10 or so, performed in seasons of modern dance at His Majesty's Theatre or as Colin likes to call it 'The Maj'.

When asked, what's the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Colin said,

“Go for it. If it's something you really enjoy doing that you're passionate about, get in and do it. Whether it's drawing or painting or music or running, get involved in it. If you're passionate about it, do it.”

When Colin wasn't drawing, dancing or teaching, he was choreographing dance shows, musicals and fashion shows. He even choreographed fashion shows for the prestigious boutique in Nedlands, Elle.

Colin left Australia in the 90's and went to live in Kerala in Southern India where he built his house and art studio. He absolutely loved the community spirit, the food and the climate.

“I had a studio at the front of my property for drawing and painting. It was so easy living there; I would go down to the beach and have my lunch or dinner there, every other day,” said Colin.

When asked about his biggest passion, Colin chuckled... “It used to be dance, now it’s old age! I love that Brightwater Redcliffe is a comfortable place for me. They make my coffee just how I like it, black and sugar – perfect!”

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