Christmas comes early for Brightwater residents

Posted on Friday, November 20, 2020

Through their own creative fundraising initiative, the Kindergarten class from South Coast Baptist College has donated some very special gifts to clients at Brightwater’s aged care home in Waikiki, The Oaks.

The children made their own compost bin, which they fed with their compostable waste. Once the bin started to break down the compost and produce ‘worm tea’ liquid, the children bottled up their ‘worm tea’ and sold it to school families to use on their own gardens as fertiliser. From this initiative, the children raised a few hundred dollars.

Kindergarten teacher Zelde van Rooyen and her class put a lot of thought into how they could use the money raised to benefit a group in the community, particularly after a challenging year due to COVID-19. The students decided that they would buy gifts for clients at one of Brightwater’s residential aged care homes.

The children wrapped and decorated their gifts and presented them to The Oaks Service Manager Catherine Zhou, Deputy Service Manager Tracy Boettger and Therapy Assistant Janet Corbett.

The Oaks residents were absolutely thrilled with their presents and had a great time unwrapping gifts such as puzzles, games, dumbbells and books. The smile on their faces says it all.

Brightwater CEO Jennifer Lawrence said the gifts from the kindergarten class at South Coast Baptist College were a very thoughtful gesture.

We are absolutely elated that the kindy class thought of our clients when deciding who they could help in the community,” she said.

Our clients are so grateful to receive these gifts and feel very special knowing that these children wanted to bring them some joy,

“It’s these sorts of acts of kindness from the wider community that mean so much to our clients.”

Thank you to the Kindergarten class of South Coast Baptist College.