Brightwater residents experience AFL magic

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2024

In an inspiring display of community support and passion for the AFL, residents from Brightwater Aged Care had the chance to experience the thrill of the footy firsthand.

This unforgettable outing was part of the Life's Possibilities program, designed to turn dreams into reality for those with age-related challenges and disabilities.

Among the residents who attended the games were Garth Harvey, Dean Richardson, and Robert Diercx, each with their own personal stories of enthusiasm and love for the sport.

Robert Diercx: A lifelong Eagles enthusiast

Robert Diercx's passion for the West Coast Eagles has been unwavering for over 25 years. His love for football burgeoned in the late 1980s when his physiotherapist, coincidentally also the Eagles' physio, introduced him to the team. The Eagles later gifted him a signed football, a token that solidified his lifelong support. Watching games has become a bonding activity with his daughter, Storm. Attending a live game recently, Robert's joy was palpable as he experienced the game's energy up close.

Robert at the footyRobert at the footy

Dean Richardson: Cheering for the Dockers

Despite being a staunch Eagles supporter, Dean Richardson found himself rooting for the Fremantle Dockers during their clash against Adelaide at Optus Stadium. Accompanied by his support worker, Greg Davis, Dean enjoyed a night filled with great banter and an electric atmosphere, especially after the Dockers' 35-point victory. Grateful for the experience, Dean appreciates the efforts of Greg and the Life's Possibilities program for such a memorable evening.

 Dean on his way to the footy

Garth Harvey: Best on ground

Garth Harvey, a resident from Brightwater Madeley and an avid Dockers fan, attended Fremantle's season opener against his challenges with Parkinson’s disease. The Life’s Possibilities Program facilitated his attendance, ensuring Garth could cheer for his team and feel the exhilaration of the crowd.

See what Garth had to say about the experience in the video below.

About Life's Possibilities

The Life’s Possibilities Program by Brightwater is a testament to the power of community and the spirit of giving. With over 100 dreams realised, this initiative continues to enhance the lives of those dealing with ageing, disabilities, or other medical challenges. It promotes social interaction and wellbeing by offering a variety of outings and new experiences. The program encourages community contributions through financial support, donations, or volunteering, emphasising the importance of companionship and assistance in these activities.

Brightwater's commitment to enhancing the lives of its clients through this program is evident in the joy and gratitude expressed by its participants. As they experience these unique opportunities, the residents not only enjoy the events themselves but also foster a deeper connection with their community and passions. This program not only enriches the lives of the participants but also brings together the community in support of a noble cause.

For more information on how you can support the Life's Possibilities program and make a difference in the lives of many, visit Brightwater's support page. Here's to more dreams coming true, one game at a time.