Brightwater recruits for buddies to join Volunteering Program

Posted on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Brightwater has relaunched its volunteer program as the Brightwater Buddy Volunteer Program, providing more opportunities to connect residents and clients in the community with more volunteers.

Brightwater Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Lawrence, said the Brightwater Buddies provide an important role in enhancing the wellbeing of Brightwater’s residents and clients.

“Volunteering in aged or disability care is very rewarding and our Brightwater Buddies program ensures we connect volunteers with residents in a meaningful way.

“A Brightwater Buddy gets matched with a resident or client, allowing the volunteer to connect with individuals deeply and enrich their social, cultural and spiritual wellbeing.

“We find this not only benefits Brightwater residents, but the buddies too – they really get so much out of it as well,” Ms Lawrence said.

One of those Brightwater Buddies is Glenda Ryves Lindsey, who volunteers her time at residential aged care home, Brightwater The Oaks, in Waikiki. Glenda visits her regular buddies each week in the dementia specific house, and each Wednesday afternoon she hosts a ‘Happy Hour’ where residents from across the houses get together for a bite to eat and a chat.

“I've been volunteering here for about five years now and it is one of the most rewarding things I things I've ever done,” said Ms Ryves Lindsey.

“During Happy Hour we have some fun, we have a little something to eat and we joke and laugh.”

“I've made good friends with some of the residents, and we'll go out and have coffee down the road, that's not as a volunteer, but as a friend.”

Becoming a Brightwater Buddy is an opportunity for people to build meaningful connections with others. For Glenda, being a Brightwater Buddy gives her an opportunity for her ‘me time’.

“I come here to have time for me, talking to other people and having time out of the home. Making somebody smile gives me a great deal of satisfaction.”

Brightwater The Oaks is a residential aged care home located in the City of Rockingham with over 60 residents.

Brightwater is currently recruiting for Brightwater Buddies across residential aged care and disability and in the community, from Mandurah all the way to Joondalup and many locations in between.

If you would like to become a Brightwater Buddy, there a many different ways to get involved including volunteering with our residents face-to-face, volunteering virtually through letter writing, or nominate someone to be connected. 

Find out more by visiting our website here. Or you can call our Volunteer Services team on 08 9202 2817.