Anne Hawkins joins NDP Divisional Committee

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Brightwater’s Manager of Supported Independent Living, Anne Hawkins, has been appointed to the National Disability Practitioners (NDP) Divisional Committee for a three-year term.

As a Certified Health Executive with senior management experience in health and disability sectors, Anne will be an invaluable member of the NDP Divisional Committee.

The NDP operates as a division of National Disability Services following the merger of two professional bodies, Australian Disability Professionals and Disability Professionals Victoria. The NDP Divisional Committee is elected by members to provide advice in areas of strategy and policy. It aims to create a platform to connect all people in the Australian Disability Workforce.

Anne said that while committee membership was not designated by state representation, she will be the only member from Western Australia and looks forward to contributing the WA perspective to the national conversation.

“I am highly motivated to elevate the profile and professionalism of the care workforce, which includes enhancing opportunities for support workers to engage with a community of peers and access learning and professional development resources,” she said.

“Workers who feel a part of something bigger than themselves and are recognised for their professional skills are essential when supporting our most vulnerable community members. Those who see potential for professional advancement, supported by the sector, are more likely to remain engaged and attract others to the sector.

“There are a lot of great things happening at Brightwater and in our Disability Services where we are national leaders in what we do. I am grateful to have this platform to share with others our learnings and innovations and to explore new ideas to bring back to our services.”