ABI-RESTaRT research shared on the world stage

Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Dr Lakkhina Troeung from the Brightwater Research Centre presented two talks at the 14th World Stroke Congress in Singapore last week.

The Congress was hosted by the World Stroke Organisation. Over 4,000 delegates from 104 countries attended and discussed the latest frontiers and gaps in stroke care.

An important theme discussed at #WSC2022 was the need for greater provision of stroke rehabilitation which is a critical component of recovery for survivors.

Lakkhina presented on Brightwater’s unique Oats Street Rehabilitation Model and shared outcome data for 230 Brightwater stroke clients from 2011 to 2020.

“It was really exciting to share our #ABI-RESTaRT research on the world stage," she said. "Our data showed that individuals with stroke admitted to Oats Street were able to make large and clinically significant gains in motor and cognitive function up to five years after injury.

The current scientific evidence suggests that only minimal functional improvement can be made after six months post-stroke, after which a plateau in functioning is usually seen. Our data provides direct evidence this is not true and that post-acute rehabilitation can result in large improvements – which is truly exciting.”

The presentations were well-received by the audience, who included representatives from the World Health Organisation; neurologists; rehabilitation clinicians and scientists from across the world, who recognised the significance of the research being undertaken.

Read more about rehabilitation outcomes for Brightwater’s brain injury clients in a study by Dr Lakkhina Troeung, Dr Georgina Mann, Lily Cullinan, Janet Wagland and Dr Angelita Martini recently published in Frontiers of Neurology.

Congratulations Lakkhina and the #braininjury research team!