A wish for fish is granted with a visit to AQWA

Posted on Friday, February 23, 2024

In a heartwarming display of commitment to enriching lives, Brightwater has once again showcased the power of its Life’s Possibilities program, enabling residents to explore their interests and passions.

This time, the adventure was set amongst the aquariums of AQWA in Hillarys, fulfilling a special request from the residents of Onslow Gardens.The excursion to AQWA turned out to be an unforgettable journey for everyone involved. The highlight of the visit was the mesmerising underwater glass tunnel, where residents were treated to the awe-inspiring sight of majestic sharks and graceful rays swimming right overhead. This immersive experience brought the wonders of the ocean up close, sparking joy and wonder among the group.

The success of the trip to AQWA is a testament to the Life’s Possibilities program's core mission: to empower Brightwater’s residents and clients to pursue their dreams and enjoy a variety of life-enriching activities.

This initiative underscores Brightwater’s commitment to fostering an environment where every individual has the opportunity to explore their passions and enjoy new experiences.

Brightwater thanks everyone involved in the Life’s Possibilities program for their continuous support and looks forward to creating more memorable experiences for its residents in the future.

The Life's Possibilities program

Brightwater extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals and teams who have played a pivotal role in the Life’s Possibilities program. It’s through their dedication and effort that such meaningful experiences can come to life, offering residents the means to live out their wishes.

Over 100 dreams have come true through thanks to the Life’s Possibilities program so far. Because of the effects of ageing, Huntington's disease, neurological conditions, disability or acquired brain injury, enjoying life's simple pleasures is no longer possible for many of our clients.

Life's Possibilities provides the socialisation and wellbeing of our aged care and disability clients, enabling individuals and groups to enjoy outings, in-house events, new programs and experiences.

Anyone can support this program financially or through the donation of experiences.

Employees can also volunteer their time to help support the clients and help them fully enjoy the experience, even if it’s just as a friend.

Find out how you can support this program here.