A green thumbs up to the Weekend Entrepreneurs

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Brightwater clients have been getting their hands dirty (quite literally) taking part in ‘The Weekend Entrepreneurs’ volunteer program to engage clients on weekends, a time which can often be quiet and underutilised.

The program is led by Disability Support Worker at Brightwater Hamilton House, Gap Tshering, who received a Brightwater Scholarship for his ‘Weekend Entrepreneur’ proposal.

The aim of Gap’s project is to engage disability clients on the weekends to volunteer in potting and decorating pot plants to get them ready for sale.

Since the Weekend Entrepreneurs program commenced, clients have selected their favourite succulents at the local gardening store, set up
plant stations and have been creatively potting the succulents with interesting pebble decorations.

The project has been an enjoyable experience and has seen a high level of participation from clients. The Weekend Entrepreneurs project gives clients a strong sense of ownership, and experience working as part of a team.