Supporting Brightwater Leaf by Leaf

Posted on Friday, December 16, 2022

Our new Brightwater Central Campus in Inglewood is not just home to our head office and newest residential aged care facility, it is also set to become a place of celebration and remembrance through a wall art installation that is beginning to take shape.

The Leaves of Life artwork will feature 460 stainless steel leaves that are engraved in honour of a person or an organisation with a connection to Brightwater.

The leaves can be purchased by families, individuals and corporate supporters at a cost of $500 per leaf. They will be engraved with a personal message and installed on the wall, with donors invited back to view and – if they wish – have a photograph taken with their leaf.

Brightwater’s Manager Corporate Engagement and Philanthropy, Nicola Bedwood, says she is proud to offer something different to donors who want an enduring and beautiful reminder of all those who are honoured.

“As this is also a fundraising project, we wanted it to represent Brightwater’s work in a visual statement,” she adds.

“In this design, the interlocking leaves remind us of the neural networks in the brain and so provide a connection to Brightwater’s world-class research and rehabilitation programs.”

The money raised through the Leaves of Life project will help grow the work of Brightwater’s philanthropic programs to help us pursue the dignity and independence for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

“It can go into research, to aged care, to brain rehabilitation,” Nicola says. “However, if a donor had a specific request for their funds to be channelled into a particular area, we would be happy to talk to them about it.”

Opposite the wall will be a bench where visitors can sit and reflect on the leaves and their connection to eight areas of importance to Brightwater: Brain health, brain injury rehabilitation, independence, ageing well, dementia care, quality of life, Huntington’s disease and nutrition.

“We are building a strong foundation, growing an emotional connection and providing a permanent display of support for our research and program capabilities, leaf by leaf.”

How to purchase your leaf

There are only a limited number of leaves available. If you would like to be part of this beautiful display, please visit or phone 9202 2800.