Meet Anita Speranza, Brightwater's first Partner in Care

Posted on Monday, May 9, 2022

Meet Anita Speranza, Brightwater’s first Partner in Care

After receiving an email about Brightwater’s Partner in Care program during a Covid-19 outbreak at her parents’ home, Anita Speranza didn’t hesitate to join.

Anita’s parents both live at Brightwater’s Residential Aged Care Home, Oxford Gardens in Joondalup, and she loves visiting her parents each day. 

A Partner in Care is a person who has a close and continuing relationship with one of our residents and has had specialised training in infection prevention and control. Partners in Care can include family members, loved ones, friends or representatives.

As our first trained Partner in Care, Anita highlights the importance of being able to safely visit loved ones during Covid-19 and other outbreaks.

“The Partner in Care program is very important for residents. It allows them to maintain family contact during times that they would otherwise be isolated from loved ones. It’s amazing that I can bring joy to Mum and Dad’s day and can continue to visit and support them in a safe way,” Anita says.

Our Partner in Care program is available to all Brightwater residents, with each resident able to have one nominated partner in care.

Service Manager at Oxford Gardens, Andy Bury said Anita’s parents are so proud of her and she is very special to them.

“I love that Anita has signed up for this program so she can continue visiting her parents even during outbreaks. The Partner in Care program is a wonderful way to support our residents – the value is immeasurable,” he said.

If you’re considering joining our Partner in Care program, Anita shares the following words of encouragement:

“I would strongly recommend this program, as nothing beats the familiar routine that residents are used to.

“The training is great. It means I know I can safely visit my parents during any type of infectious outbreak – and I won’t put them, myself, or any other residents at risk.”

Anita said she felt welcomed by staff at Oxford Gardens during a recent Covid-19 outbreak and was shown great appreciation for assisting in her parents care.

“It’s reassuring that I can enter their home in a safe way anytime there is an outbreak, ensuring I’m protecting all the residents.”

If you would like more information about our Partner in Care program, or to register your interest, please visit the Partner in Care page.