Jayne’s R&R holiday

Posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

We all know how good a holiday can make you feel. Switching off and getting into ‘holiday mode’ instantly makes you feel rested and more relaxed. The same feeling goes for Jayne, who currently resides at Brightwater Marangaroo, home to our disability transitional accommodation program.

Jayne has family that live a fair distance away, so she and her companion travelled to Bunbury for a weekend getaway and a family visit. This trip was made possible by our Life’s Possibilities program, which gives our clients the chance to enjoy experiences that most of us take for granted.

Setting off early in the morning, Jayne settled into her holiday unit and explored the local area, stopping for a fish and chips lunch. Relaxation was on the agenda for the rest of the day, so Jayne and her companion spent the afternoon chilling out and watching movies.

The next day, Jayne was keen to check out the Bunbury Wildlife Park pop up, where they spent the whole morning looking at the birds; Jayne has a broad knowledge of birds and was overjoyed to share this with her companion.

There were dingos, ducks, a peacock, owls and of course Kangaroos. Jayne had a blast feeding the Kangaroos and giggled when they tickled her hand licking the seeds off. This was amazing for Jayne, as she had thought she wouldn’t be able to feed them, but her companion encouraged Jayne to give it a go. It was the highlight of her trip.

On day three, they headed to Koombana Beach. This is a particularly special beach as it has beach matting which enables wheelchair users to travel down the pathway and get as close to the shoreline as they want. Jayne was thrilled to be back on the beach.

Next stop was a family visit. Jayne was beaming that she could visit her mum and sister. After a long catch up and lots of hugs, Jayne and her companion headed back to Marangaroo.

The Life's Possibilities program

Over 100 dreams have come true through thanks to the Life’s Possibilities program. Due to the effects of ageing, Huntington's disease, neurological conditions, disability or acquired brain injury, enjoying life's simple pleasures is no longer possible for many of our clients.

Life's Possibilities provides the socialisation and wellbeing of our aged care and disability clients, enabling individuals and groups to enjoy outings, in-house events, new programs and experiences.

Corporate partners can support this program financially or through the donation of experiences.

Employees can also volunteer their time to help support the clients and help them fully enjoy the experience, even if it’s just as a friend.

Find out how you can support this program here.