Brightwater getting into the Spirit

Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021

This week, we launched our new set of values and the Brightwater Spirit across our organisation.

The story began last year, where a number of staff from different parts of the organisation came together to develop a set of values that represent who we are and how we treat each other and our clients, and this led to the Brightwater Spirit. 

What is the Brightwater Spirit?

  • You can't touch it, but you can feel it everywhere.
  • It captures who we are and how it feels to be part of the Brightwater community.
  • It identifies how we behave with each other and our clients.
  • It is the way we connect with and recognise each other. 

At Brightwater, we are connected by one spirit.  

Our spirit is shared when we are caring.  We are interested,  empathetic partners who empower others and ourselves.  

Our spirit is authentic. We are honest, accountable, inclusive and understanding.  

Our spirit shows that we are progressive. We listen and share, we are curious and embrace new ways.  

Our spirits is courageous. We show leadership and have a go, we are decisive and speak up.  

Our shared spirit connects us to our Brightwater community.  It guides us to achieve our Mission and pursue the dignity of independence. This is at the heart of everything we do.

We kicked the launch off with our first ever Spirit Week. This annual celebration is a time where the entire Brightwater community can come together to champion and celebrate our Mission, our Values, and the people who embody these every day at work.  

Here are a few snippets of our Spirit Week celebrations:

Our Supported Independent Living teams at Brightwater Bentley got into the Brightwater Spirit, dressing up in fun and festive colours from their Spirit Kits.

It was great to see our People Services team from Brightwater House come together as a group and enjoy the celebrations.

Even our clients got involved, here’s Brightwater at Home client Julien Ottmann!