Key takeaways

  • Brightwater at Home has stepped forward and added podiatry to the list of services clients can access from the comfort of their homes.
  • Podiatrists are experts in lower limb health, an incredibly important part of the body as it helps us with movement.

Putting their best foot forward

Meet one of Brightwater at Home’s new podiatrists!

This year Brightwater at home has stepped forward and added podiatry to the list of services Brightwater at Home clients can access from the comfort of their homes.

Podiatrists are experts in lower limb health, an incredibly important part of the body as it helps us with one of the most important bodily functions – movement! To learn more about podiatry and the new service, we spoke to Brightwater at Home Podiatrist, Christian.

What originally interested you about podiatry?

To be honest, I never knew podiatry was a thing until I was looking at what I wanted to do after graduating. I came across podiatry by accident with only a few days left until applications closed, so I took my chances and was offered to start the following year.

I’ve always liked interacting with my patients, getting to know them beyond their condition and podiatry was the perfect platform for that. I get uncover how their overall lifestyle and history is reflected on their feet.

In addition, podiatry allows you to make a difference on the spot, may it be through nail care, callus removal, ankle taping or orthotic provision, there is always something you can do with your patient within the given timeframe. It makes for a satisfying profession.

What has been your previous experience in podiatry?

A majority of my training was completed in hospital, which differs from a private podiatry. In hospital you are responsible for care of lower limb wounds, normally associated with diabetes and other significant medical conditions that affect your sensation and blood flow. I really enjoyed hospital work, which I am trying to reflect in the podiatry service we’ve set up for Brightwater. As it felt to me more like healthcare than a medical business. We were taught to focus on the person with the feet problem, rather than the feet with a person.

Another opportunity I really enjoyed during my training days is being able to go to homeless shelters and provide podiatric care to the elderly. Looking back, I think that solidified my desire to work in aged care.

What keeps you passionate about podiatry?

My clients and colleagues keep me passionate. Learning about a person beyond their condition is a whole different avenue in medical practice which makes me appreciate what I do more. Podiatry, like many caring professions can be taxing, but being able to have a conversation over a cup of tea with your client makes up for it tenfold, in my opinion.

Seeing my clients really happy and appreciative of what I do for them keeps me going. All of my clients have had full and interesting lives and the only thing they ask for now is to be cared for. When I feel like I given them the care they deserve, it tugs my heart a little.

But of course, my clients would not be in the position they are in if it wasn’t for my colleagues. Their person centric, wrap around support with a range of services helps every client to achieve their goals and pursue independence.

What does a good day look like for you?

A good day for me is working with my clients. Seeing them happy, working with them on their goals, having them rebook, and hearing them happy to speak to you over the phone, makes for a good workday.

Do clients need to prepare anything before a podiatrist arrives?

The only thing clients need to know, is where their comfiest chair or bed is! So, you can sit back and relax whilst we get on with our treatment, and maybe have a chat. Nothing else needs to be prepared, we bring everything we need with us.

What would you like Brightwater at Home clients to know?

I’d like for Brightwater at Home clients to know we do work beyond general nail and foot care. Everyone knows that we can cut your nails and make you feel like you have new feet! However, I think it also helps our clients to know if there is anything wrong with their feet, we can treat. We offer services from footwear, orthotics, dermatological concerns, wound care, activity related pain and musculoskeletal problems. And we can do it all from your home, no travel required, and it can be organised through your coordinator.

If you are interested in how our Brightwater at Home podiatrists can assist you with your health, its easy to arrange. Simply give your coordinator a call or phone (08) 9400 8700 and they will be able to arrange an initial visit.

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