The Brightwater Research Centre seeks opportunities to work with universities, providers, students and staff to apply research outcomes to our core business, improving care delivery to our residents and clients.

Brightwater has established several successful, valuable partnerships with other organisations.



Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) -

Brightwater is one of four industry partners working with the National Health and Medical Research Centre (NHMRC) to form a Partnership Centre focusing on cognitive and related functional decline in older people. 

This Partnership Centre initiative unites Brightwater with industry partners Alzheimer's Australia, HammondCare (NSW) and Helping Hand (SA) to improve the lives of people with dementia by developing, communicating and implementing research.

It brings consumers, industry partners, researchers and clinicians together to develop relevant research questions and ensure findings are applicable to the current care environment for people with dementia.

To learn more about the CDPC, visit their website


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