The following tools will help you get started with the NDIS, and will help connect you to different types of support.

All of the tools are available to download and print.

  • People in my life

    Important People to Me (WAiS)
    This picture chart asks you to think about important people in your life. This includes paid people, family, friends and others.

  • Community supports tools

    My Community Supports (Brightwater)
    This worksheet asks you to think about what activities you do in the community.

    Community Integration Questionnaire (Barry Willer & Libby Callaway)
    This form asks how you are included at home and in your community.

  • Other supports

    This talks about your connections with your GP, education, health, justice, housing, employment or other community services.

    Other Supports In My Life (Brightwater)
    This worksheet asks you to think about the supports in your life.

If you are unhappy with the decision the NDIS has made about your eligibility, you can request that this decision be reviewed. You can find out more here.

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