Carer's are an incredibly important part of the Brightwater community. Often caring for people who receive Brightwater services. Brightwater Carer's provide valuable support and feedback and contribute to the continual improvement of Brightwater's services. 

The Carers Recognition Advisory Group (CRAG) has been created to ensure:

  • All carers are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Carers are included in the assessment, planning, delivery and review of relevant services. 
  • The needs of carers and people receiving care are taken into account. 
  • Any concerns or complaints are given due attention and consideration. 

The CRAG meets every three months, made up of Brightwater representatives and carers of Brightwater clients. 

The CRAG is here to help guide you through the assessment, planning, delivery and review of the services that may impact you. 

At Brightwater, we welcome people with the full diversity of life experiences, thoughts and beliefs. We foster a culture of inclusion, collaboration and innovation where our clients and staff can flourish.  

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