Brightwater is a leading not for profit provider of aged and disability care services, with expertise in supporting people with Huntington’s disease.

Our experience has built highly capable services delivering quality support to our clients and their families. The value of our expertise is demonstrated in the lived experience of our clients and respected by industry, researchers and stakeholders.

Our vision for the future is to ensure all clients with Huntington’s disease have the opportunity to direct their own care, actively participating in both their home environment and local community, and to create programs and services that empower people with Huntington’s to age with dignity.

Making this vision a reality requires considerable resources. As a not for profit organisation, Brightwater relies in part on community and corporate generosity to enable us to deliver living environments that enable people to live their best life. We continue to be inspired by the willingness of individuals and businesses in WA to contribute to this goal.

Funds raised and corporate support is and always will be, directed to the extra things that an organisation like ours would not normally be able to fund. This includes life experiences for our clients, special equipment and programs, or vital research.

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Thank you for supporting our building appeal. Your generosity will help Brightwater fulfil our vision to develop a world class facility supporting people with Huntington's disease and their families.

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Please help us to fulfil our vision of a world class facility supporting people with Huntington’s disease and their families. This is a unique opportunity for you to help those whose lives are impacted by the effects of Huntington’s disease, a familial neurodegenerative disorder.

About Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is an inherited disease affecting areas in the brain which control, movement, thinking and emotion. It has a slow progression, and symptoms gradually worsen over time. While there is no cure for HD at this time there are medications and therapies that may alleviate some of the more common symptoms of the disease.

The impact on a family of even one person with Huntington’s is significant, and more commonly, there are a few people across generations who inherit the gene. For this reason, the Huntington’s campus is not only about the people  who we provide direct care for, but also their immediate and extended families.

Our vision for the Huntington’s community

Welcome to our new Huntington’s Campus at Piara Waters.

We are excited to be in the planning stages for our new Huntington’s disease campus in Piara Waters.

Brightwater Care Group has a long history of supporting people, and their families, with Huntington’s disease and we are building a purpose-built home for the people we care for in the southern suburb of Piara Waters. Brightwater Care Group currently provides support for people living with Huntington’s disease at Kailis House in Belmont for people in early stages of the disease and Ellison House in Carlisle for people in later stages of the disease.

Whilst these supported independent living sites have been wonderful in many ways for the clients and their families who have called them their home, we now have opportunity to use our learnings and the input of people with Huntington’s disease and their families to create a new home that is purpose-built to the needs of people with Huntington’s disease.

About the project

This new world class campus, is being purpose-built to the highest standards, to support people with Huntington’s disease and provide accommodation for 21 clients over 7 homes. Each home will be certified as a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high needs. The residential campus will include 21 bedrooms and ensuites over seven houses with specialist assistive equipment and leading edge technology. Importantly, it will also include a sensory garden with zones for living, relaxing, engaging and socialising.

Find out more about the project development here.

The additional design and care innovations will cost a total of $2.5 million and they are vital if Brightwater is to achieve its goal of providing world class care to those who deserve it most.

What we have achieved to date

Phase 1

Brightwater has secured the land at Piara Waters at a cost of $1.9 million utilising funds from their future fund, a fund garnered from bequests and legacies received over the past five years, which has now been depleted.

Phase 2

We plan to partially fund the development through NDIS SDA funding to help us toward our Mission to pursue the dignity of independence. This will be done by enabling clients to move into small, home like environments that offer more autonomy and reduce the need for supports. One of the main goals of developing SDA is to get young people out of aged care facilities and improve their quality of the life. This service model comes with the disadvantages of Brightwater incurring all of the upfront capital costs which has further depleted cash reserves.

What we still need to do

Phase 3

Cost of construction is currently estimated at $11.1 million and at present we have a shortfall of $2.5 million which is the amount needed to complete the landscaping, internal finishes and specialist assistive equipment and technology to commission this this new world-class purpose-built Huntington’s facility. The majority of the $2.5 million will be for costs incurred as a result of the “quality of life gap” which we have measured from the standard NDIS/SDA specification to what is required for those suffering from Huntington’s Disease

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Each donation will offer a legacy to the individual or corporation who chooses to support us for years to come.