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Brightwater’s Phase 3: An update to visitor restrictions (community houses)
An update from our CEO Jennifer Lawrence
Posted on 09 Jun 2020
A unique pen pal friendship blossoms
The Brightwater Buddies program connects a young university student with Onslow Gardens resident
Posted on 02 Jun 2020
A green thumbs up to the Weekend Entreprenuers
Clients have been taking part in ‘The Weekend Entrepreneurs’ volunteer program to engage clients on weekends.
Posted on 02 Jun 2020
Important update: Adjustment to visitor restrictions (Community Houses)
An update from our CEO Jennifer Lawrence
Posted on 30 Apr 2020
Important update: COVID-19 and Disability Community Houses
An update from our CEO Jennifer Lawrence
Posted on 24 Apr 2020
Important Update: COVID-19 and Community Houses Visiting Restrictions
An update from our CEO Jennifer Lawrence
Posted on 15 Apr 2020
Why it’s important to stay connected during a crisis – and how to do it
Make your personal wellbeing a priority
Posted on 09 Apr 2020
Hand-washing 101: How to protect yourself and others
Doing it right is more important than ever
Posted on 01 Apr 2020
4 reasons to get your daily dose of sunshine
Some sunlight might be just what you need
Posted on 25 Mar 2020
14 inspirational quotes for people with disabilities
Wise words about ability and perseverance
Posted on 22 Jan 2020
Smiles soar at the Kickstart Summer Concert
A joyful day for all involved
Posted on 10 Dec 2019
Brightwater celebrates Perth PrideFest
You can never have enough colour!
Posted on 05 Dec 2019
Our commitment to accessibility
Introducing ReadSpeaker to our website
Posted on 29 Nov 2019
Smiles beam at Downer Getaway Camp
Another successful year at the Downer Getaway Camp
Posted on 20 Nov 2019
6 tips for a better night’s sleep
Everything just works better when you're sleeping well
Posted on 06 Nov 2019
4 ways that friendship enriches your life
Why friends are so vital for our wellbeing
Posted on 31 Oct 2019
Science and creativity spark Elysia’s passion
Celebrating our employees this OT week
Posted on 18 Oct 2019
Participants have a ball at annual bowling tournament
A fantastic team building experience for all involved
Posted on 24 Sep 2019
6 reasons to keep reading books
Do yourself a favour and find a real page-turner!
Posted on 19 Sep 2019
Brain injury recovery the focus of new scholarship
Supporting the transition from rehabilitation to home
Posted on 18 Sep 2019
Spring cleaning tips for seniors
It's time for your annual cleaning spree!
Posted on 10 Sep 2019
Supporting families affected by brain injury or younger onset dementia
A collaboration between Brightwater and the University of Western Australia
Posted on 27 Aug 2019
One-stop shop for NDIS tools and resources
An online toolkit to help guide you through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
Posted on 09 Aug 2019
5 fall prevention tips for seniors
Just one bad fall can set off a domino effect
Posted on 06 Aug 2019
Dushica delighted with International Student of the Year award
A move to Australia re-ignited motivation to pursue her passion
Posted on 01 Aug 2019
What does an NDIS Support Coordinator do?
A partner to help you breathe life into your NDIS Plan
Posted on 18 Jul 2019
10 simple stress relief remedies
What to do when a stress ball just won't cut it
Posted on 03 Jul 2019
30 wellbeing tips for everybody
Strategies to help you feel better, inside and out
Posted on 26 Jun 2019
Why gardening is so good for you
With benefits like stress relief and better hand strength, don't even think about neglecting your green thumb!
Posted on 23 May 2019
John’s passion for volunteering shines through
Celebrating 19 years of volunteering with Brightwater
Posted on 22 May 2019
5 big benefits of creative expression
Creativity isn't just for kids and 'artsy' types
Posted on 15 May 2019
16 positive quotes about ageing
Some of our favourite words of wisdom
Posted on 09 May 2019
Handy apps for seniors and people with disabilities
There's an app for that!
Posted on 09 Apr 2019
The role of allied health in aged care and disability support
From speech pathology to social work, allied health is key
Posted on 02 Apr 2019
6 health benefits of laughter
Is laughter really the best medicine?
Posted on 20 Mar 2019
10 tips for better brain health
For Brain Awareness Week, we're highlighting what you can do to maximise your health up there.
Posted on 13 Mar 2019
5 reasons to keep walking as you get older
Keeping the body active maximises your ability to do everyday tasks in later life
Posted on 26 Feb 2019
Home safety tips for seniors
A few small changes around the house can really reduce the risk of accidents and falls
Posted on 20 Feb 2019
Kicking goals at Oats Street
West Coast Eagles visit the crew at Oats Street Rehabilitation Centre
Posted on 20 Feb 2019
Why you should volunteer in aged care or disability support
Need convincing to give back to your community? Read this
Posted on 13 Feb 2019
4 reasons why pets are so good for our wellbeing
Pets make the perfect companion
Posted on 05 Feb 2019
What support does the NDIS cover?
Find out services can be accessed with NDIS funding
Posted on 12 Dec 2018
Reaching new heights at the Downer Getaway Camp
Smiles of joy for clients and staff at the third annual Downer Getaway Camp
Posted on 06 Dec 2018
6 reasons why music improves wellbeing
Music makes us feel good, but have you ever wondered why?
Posted on 05 Dec 2018
Brightwater wins ILC grant
The grant will support people with disability to connect with communities
Posted on 15 Jun 2018