Volunteer with a big heart

Volunteer with a big heart


We all know that volunteers come in different shapes and sizes. As you can see, Liam Strachan falls into the taller variety, and aged care residents from The Cove in Mandurah think he’s the best gentle giant they see all week.

At just 21 years old, Liam has already discovered the two-fold benefits of volunteering. Our residents love interacting with him, but he also recognises that he gains wisdom from talking to older people, and he is quick to acknowledge that volunteering is a good use of time while he isn’t working.  

“Initially, what locked me into volunteering with Brightwater was the opportunity to provide pet therapy with my Australian silky terrier, Zooke, but after a while it was the conversations that really mattered,” said Liam.  

“I love working with people, especially seniors, who have so much to share,” said Liam.

“I try to volunteer once or twice a week. I enjoy volunteering at Brightwater and I’m actually looking for another volunteer opportunity.

“I get a lot out of volunteering. I love the satisfaction of having done something of value such as talking to residents. There is so much to learn from the residents, as they have a lot of life experience.

“I would definitely recommend volunteering to others,” said Liam.


Volunteer Liam Strachan with The Cove resident, June Sansom.

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