IPEAC Toolkit

IPEAC Toolkit


Welcome to the Interprofessional Education in Aged Care (IPEAC) Toolkit.

An Interprofessional Education (IPE) student placement in an aged care setting promotes collaborative practice with other professions and allows students to learn more about the practical application of their role in a supportive and structured environment. This learning has been demonstrated to create an aged care workforce which can work efficiently and collaboratively for the benefit of residents.

This toolkit has been developed specifically to guide residential aged care staff in conducting an IPE student placement at their facility. It uses learnings and experience from a research project specifically designed to evaluate their benefit in these settings. (Background to the toolkit)

Successful interprofessional education student placements within the aged care sector prepare students for the workforce and increase capacity of aged care facilities to enhance the care provided to residents.


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Is the toolkit suitable for our aged care facility?

The toolkit is suitable for your setting if:

  • You would like to, or currently already, supervise students on practical placements at your facility
  • You would like to increase the care provided to residents and reduce time pressures on staff which can be common in residential aged care

What will you get from this toolkit?

This toolkit will assist with facilitating interprofessional education student placements at your facility. It provides templates and practical tips to get started and support interprofessional education student placements.

The toolkit has been developed for residential aged care facilities to:

  • Support interprofessional student placements and student learning about aged care and cognitive and functional related decline
  • Improve resident wellbeing through student interaction
  • Build the capacity of staff to lead interprofessional education and practice

  pdf To download the IPEAC Toolkit userguide, click here. (946 KB)


For more information on the toolkit please contact the Brightwater Research Centre by calling 9202 2800.




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