What are music-based interventions?

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The term music-based interventions covers a range of activities and approaches covered by this program. They include:

  • Music therapy: Delivered either one-on-one or in group settings by a Music Therapist who is certified and registered with the national body. It is an evidence-based practice that works on non-musical health and wellbeing use through the intentional use of music interventions.
  • Music engagement: Can include active participation in music making such as singing, playing or learning instruments, facilitated by a musician generally in a group setting. May also include listening to personalised recorded music with another person with the purpose of stimulating reminiscence or discussion about the music.
  • Music appreciation/ entertainment: Includes listening to live or recorded music for leisure or entertainment purposes.
  • Environmental music: Background music such as radios or televisions. Although not an intervention, it is considered in the Music Pharmacy approach to ensure we provide safe and comfortable auditory environments for our clients.