What would happen in the case of a COVID-19 outbreak at a Brightwater Residential Aged Care site?

Brightwater has in place a thorough pandemic response plan in case of an outbreak.

This includes details of how we would communicate to you and how we would manage the care of your loved one.

It also includes details of infection control and care to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in the home, including the ability to replace staff if required with other staff from within Brightwater to ensure continuity of care is delivered. Our staff are well trained in infection control practices, including the wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment). We also have access to a team of specialists who would support us in the management of an outbreak. This includes a Geriatrician and Infectious Disease Physician from the WA Department of Health. Brightwater also has its own Nurse Practitioners.

Our plan has been developed in conjunction with both the Commonwealth and State Health Departments and it adopts the WA Health Residential Aged Care Facility Outbreak Management Plan. The WA Department of Health will continue to direct us in the actions we take in the case of an outbreak – this will include contact tracing, but they will also advise us on whether or not we continue to care for a positive COVID-19 client on site or if they will be transferred to hospital. It is also important that we have advanced care plans and directives in place for our clients to understand their wishes in this situation.