Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment

Professional assessment of your capacity to drive safely.

If your ability to drive has been impacted by disability, injury or the ageing process, our Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment is designed to assess your capacity to drive safely.

Assessments are conducted by a qualified Occupational Therapist with post-graduate training in Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation. 

To be eligible for the assessment, you must be:

  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Advised by your medical practitioner or the Department of Transport that an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment is required

What happens during the assessment?

The assessment consists of two parts:

  1. Clinical off-road assessment
  2. Practical on-road assessment

Each part of the assessment takes up to 90 minutes and can be carried out on the same day or different days.

Brightwater conducts Occupational Therapy Driver Assessments across the Perth metropolitan area, and the location of your assessment will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

Your skills for driving, such as physical movements, vision and thinking skills, will be assessed by the Occupational Therapist during both parts of the assessment.

What happens after the assessment?

Following the assessment, recommendations are made to your medical practitioner and the Department of Transport on your fitness to drive, your recommended license type, and if there is a need for driving rehabilitation. The final decision sits with the Department of Transport.

How much does the assessment cost?

The cost of the Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment will depend on your situation and aspects of the assessment, such as the vehicle type used during the on-road assessment and the location of the assessment. Your funding options may include:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Home Care Package
  • Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA)
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)
  • Worker Cover

Please discuss your funding eligibility with your provider. If you would like to pay privately, the total cost for both the clinical off-road and practical on-road assessment is $690 (inc GST).

How do I find out more?

For more information or to request an assessment, contact Brightwater by calling 1300 223 968 or submitting an enquiry form.

You will need a written referral from your medical practitioner or the Department of Transport. Our team will also gather other information such as your medical condition, if you have a current driver’s licence and your driving history.

Frequently asked questions

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  • In the occupational therapy driver assessment, can I drive my own car during the on-road assessment?

    No, a vehicle with dual controls (brake and accelerator pedals) is always used during the on-road assessment for safety. A driving instructor’s vehicle will be booked by Brightwater for to you use during the assessment. The type of vehicle will be discussed with you and depend on what you usually drive or would like to drive in the future (manual or automatic car, motorbike, car with modified controls etc.). At the beginning of the on-road assessment, you will be taken onto quiet roads to become familiar with the vehicle for 5-10 minutes before your driving is assessed. 

  • If I don’t have a valid driver’s license, can I still do the on-road part of the occupational therapy driver assessment?

    Before doing the assessment, we will check with Department of Transport whether or not your driver’s license is valid. If your license has expired or been suspended, we will apply to Department of Transport for a special permit which will allow you to drive during the OTDA only. You may need to go to a Licensing Centre or pay off outstanding fines before the permit is issued – we will discuss this with you.

  • Can I drive before my occupational therapy driver assessment?

    Only if you have a valid driver’s license and you have not been advised to stop driving by a health professional. It is illegal to drive without a current driver’s license and/or against the advice of your doctor.